Harry Potter Truth Or Dare Introduction

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Created by: bunnirox1686

  1. *You click on the link to this quiz for whatever reason, and you are immediately roped into what you are reading. DO NOT STOP. You won't be disappointed.*
  2. *A girl walks in and begins working on her laptop and acknowledges you. She could tell you her name... No. You can just call her Bunni.* Bunni: Hey, everyone! Welcome to "Harry Potter Truth or Dare Introduction"! The cast should be here any moment now. *A knock is heard at the door.* Bunni: Oh, there they are now! (To see who is here, read "An Announcement; just click on the link to my profile and find the quiz there.)
  3. *The cast walks in, wondering apprehensively why they are here.* Bunni: Hello! Draco: Who are you? Bunni: You can call me Bunni. Neville: Bunny? Bunni: No. BUNNI, with an i. Neville: Oh... Ginny: Why are we here? Bunni: For the sake of entertainment, you are here for a large game of Truth or Dare. I'm sure you have learned about websites and the Muggle Internet, and what we are saying and doing is being posted up on one of those Muggle websites, called GoToQuiz. *Everyone shifts uncomfortably.* Bunni: Now, you are all familiar with Truth or Dare? Good. Bedrooms are upstairs, go and find one that is to your liking. *Everyone surges up the stairs to get a good room.*
  4. *The cast comes back downstairs and gathers in Bunni's living room.* Bunni: Now that everyone has a room, I'll explain how this will work. The readers- Ron: What readers? Bunni: the readers that will be there but aren't yet, don't interrupt me. Now as I was saying, the readers will send in truths and/or dares, and you will carry them out. Ron: I see, and then we get to send them truths and dares? Bunni: No, they just get to see you embarrass yourselves! :) *Bunni cackles with glee and the cast stares at her like she's crazy.*
  5. "¢TIME SNAP"¢
  6. *It is now late afternoon, and after a restful morning Bunni is again talking to the cast.* Bunni: It has come to my attention that some of you may be incapable or unwilling to do a truth or dare. I will have to do something about that, now won't I? >:) If you receive a truth or a dare and you are incapable of doing it, I will simply skip over it. If, however, you are unwilling to, you will be permitted to skip it- Draco: YES! Bunni: BUT, you will have to be subjected to a punishment thought up by my good friend, sister, and to some extent, co-writer. A WARNING TO ALL: SHE MAY OR MAY NOT BE SLIGHTLY INSANE. BEWARE TO THOSE WHO REFUSE A TRUTH OR A DARE. Everyone: *Does not want to refuse a truth or dare anymore.*
  7. *Bunni is now acting slightly less crazy than when you first began reading this quiz for whatever reason.* Bunni: So, do you all understand what is involved in this game of Truth or Dare? Everyone: Yes. Bunni: Good, now a message to the readers.
  8. A MESSAGE TO THE READERS: This quiz relies almost ENTIRELY on your comments and participation! Comment on this quiz or any of the upcoming editions to see someone do something. I will get in as many truths and dares as I can, but I can only continue with this if you send them in! SEND! SEND! SEND! SEND! SEND! SEND! SEND! *Continues chanting.* If I get enough readers, I will also reconsider that HP Love Story thing I was going to do. But keeping up with both will be a pain in my podex along with my daily s---load of homework, but my point still stands: SEND IN TRUTHS AND DARES!
  9. *Bunni returns from her lecture to a slightly disturbed cast.* Bunni: What? Everyone: ... Bunni: Ok then, well readers, after this question you'll have three more to go and then you can start sending! Hermione: Who are you talking to? Bunni: The readers who aren't there yet but will be. Hermione: ... Bunni: ANYWAY...
  10. *We now have nothing better to do but count questions. Bunni is texting her bestie with homicidal tendencies. It's better if you don't ask.* Bunni: Last question! Go send in truths and dares! Everyone: *Stares at Bunni strangely.* Bunni: Not you, the readers who aren't there yet but will be.

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