How well do you know Harry Potter

There are people that just day they know Harry Potter, and that's not the truth. Take this quiz and get a good result your lie may be true you know!!!

Are you a Harry Potter freak like me? Are you good enough to know the whole story? If you believe you are, then why not come here and take this quiz? Eh?

Created by: Mula

  1. How old do you have to be to go to Hogwarts?
  2. Was there any other witch in the Granger family besides Hermione?
  3. Was Aunt Petunia a witch?
  4. What house was Harry Potter in?
  5. Who did Ron Weasly marry?
  6. Who did Ginny Weasly marry?
  7. In Goblet of Fire, how did the Camp Director spell the Weasly's name?
  8. In the Sorcerers Stone, who was the one who was trying to steal the stone?
  9. In which book did harry actually seen Voldemort?
  10. Who did Harry first meet in the wizards world?
  11. Last Question, How many books are there?

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Quiz topic: How well do I know Harry Potter