Harry Potter Test

There are Bookworms and readers and obsessives but if you know you're harry potter then you are way outta anyone's league take this quiz please and thanks

Take this Quiz and you'll see if you know you harry potter and if you took in everything from the book like I did please and thank you all have a nice day!

Created by: miria123

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  1. In book 6 who died at the end and by who?
  2. In book 1 what did harry name his owl?
  3. In what book did harry die again and came back?
  4. Why did the Dursleys take harry in every summer?
  5. what was harry and Dudley attacked by in book 5?
  6. Did Harry care about Snape?
  7. who took over potions for snape?
  8. Was draco nice or evil?
  9. What did harry name his youngest son?
  10. What was harry's quest to do?

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