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I an VERY sorry about any typos/imperfections in this quiz! If you have any comments/complaints, email me. My email is bunnirox(@)hotmail(.)com but with no parentheses.

Created by: bunnirox1686

  1. Hi, I'm bunnirox1686! I'll be making an HP story quiz, but I'm not exactly sure how to tell it.
  2. I have three options you can choose from. They are:the diary option, the 1st-person option, and the 3rd-person option. I'll explain them in the next questions.
  3. Diary Option:This is where your character would have a diary she takes with her to Hogwarts. You would be reading her diary entries from the end of each day.
  4. 1st-Person Option:This option is where your character will be telling the story. Pretty much self-explanatory, really.
  5. 3rd-Person Option:This one is where nobody will be telling the story. It'll be kinda like reading a book.
  6. I'm out of things to say. Uh, I'll probably forget the password to this quiz, so it might be best to leave a comment. I'd also like to know why you chose that option.
  7. Oh, yeah. There's a typo in the results, where it should say "taking" it says "tking." Sorry!
  8. Uh, the Hogwarts boys you can get in my quiz are Harry, Ron, Oliver, Draco, Fred/George, and Neville.
  9. Stupid 12 question rule.
  10. Comment and take my new quiz! Thanks!

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