HEELLPP new quiz series

Please vote :) I would really appreciate it. I hope you like the ideas, I worked really hard on them. Please read second paragraph as it has important information

IMPORTANT INFORMATION: I will probably make all of them eventually I just want to make the most popular first, don't forget to vote. Thanks for reading this important information.

Created by: Athena246810
  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. Well first, this is a girls series.
  2. I'll tell you a bit about it...
  3. K well, its about you, just slight changes like the fact that you just moved to Minnesota from Arkansas.
  4. Well here's where I hit a rock, I want this to be a story for the readers, so should I just have one guy or let there be a choice? Vote in comments!
  5. I apologize but the crappy system makes you write results first D:
  6. And (since i am awesome) I will let you vote on titles :) i have a few ideas so it depends on which you pick, you could also suggest new titles in comments :D oh yeah pick the title in comments since i have no idea which u picked :)
  7. In "Shadows" you are a 16 year old who has a gypsy mother, won't say any more cuz of copiers -_-
  8. Forever is about you being 16 (your 16 in all of them so eat it -.-) with highly religous parents and you fall in love with a guy (or a few if its a group then it is a possible picky)
  9. In why me you are 16 and fall in love with a group of guys who all love you back, if this is what you vote for vote on the number (must be 6 or under, above 2 so 2-6.
  10. Oh yeah shout out to firey_soul as she is my inspiration :) AND READ PARANORMAL LOVE PEOPLE!! oh yeah we are sharing ian and anthony its final :P
  11. Do you like it and are you going to vote?

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