Percy Jackson Love Story part 20

And I have successfully succeeded in actually updating! YAY! Are you ready for the Thrill Ride of Love? I hope you are, cuz you have any choice either way!!

Will you get the guy of you dreams? Or will you remain just friends? Well, take the Percy Jackson Love Story quiz and find out for yourself! Good luck!

Created by: Calypso1315

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  1. Guess who was in a writing mood?! *points thumbs at self* THIS CHICK!!! :D Yes, I can't believe it either. Anyway, quick shoutout to wolfgrl45, the author of Dare To Dream (HP/1D). It's an amazing story, and you should really check it out. :) ONTO THE STORY!!!!
  2. "Violet. Hey, Violet. Earth to Violet! YO, VIOLET, WAKE UP!" You instantly snapped out of the trance put on you by Luke's bag. You set it down gently by your feet and turned to look at Percy, wide-eyed. "What?" "Oh good, you're awake. Now can we talk about this, please?" Percy pleaded. "Percy, we have to do it. Ares offer us a ride west and info on your mom. We have to do it!" What? When had Ares done that? It must have been during your vision."No, Grover. We're on a time sensitive mission right now. We have to stick to the plan," Percy growled. "Percy," you said, "if it involves getting your mom back, you need to do it." "Why does he even need us to do it anyway?" Percy growled. "Maybe it requires wisdom. Ares only has strength. Even strength must bow to wisdom sometimes," you answered. Grover and Percy stared at you in awe. "You really could be a Daughter of Athena you know..." Grover mumbled. You smiled at him, making him blush. "Fine," Percy said, "We'll do it.." "Great," you said cheerfully, "Let's go!!"
  3. By the time you reached the water park, the sun was going down. If your dyslexia was clam at the moment and you had read correctly, the water park was once called Water Land. The man gate was padlocked and topped with wicked looking barbed wire. Inside, huge, dry waterslides and tubes and pipes curled everywhere, leading down into empty pools. Old tickets and brochures floated around in the wind, and with the sun going down and night on it's way, the place looked haunted and sad and creepy. "If Ares brings his girlfriend here for a date," said Percy, "I'd hate to see what she looks like." Grover smacked Percy's arm, glancing quickly at you. "Be more respectful, Percy," he said with an edge to his tone. "What? Who is she, Enchidna?" Percy joked. "No. It's Aphrodite." You stopped dead in your tracks. Percy immediatlely looked like he reverted his comment about Ares' girlfriend. "Oh..Vi, I'm sorry..." "My mother is dating Ares?!" you exclaimed. Grover nodded slowly. "Isn't she supposed to be married to-" You felt like fainting on the spot. "Hephaustus." "Yeah...she is. And Hephaustus has tried to catch them together many times." You seriously thought you were going to throw up- you thought of Dominic and Tristan and Darren. "Vi? Are you okay?" "No, I'm not," you said truthfully, "But let's keep moving."
  4. "How are we supposed to get in?" Percy asked. "Hey Percy, remember those flying shoes Luke gave you?" "Yeah. I gave them to you." Grover rolled his eyes. "Maia!" he exclaimed, as his shoes grew wings. He flew up over the scary looking barbed wire and into the park. "You guys coming?" You and Percy had to climb up the old fashioned way. "I regret giving him those shoes.." Percy mumbled angrily. "How are we supposed to get over the barbed wire?" you asked. Suddenly, Grover took to the air and flew back over the gate. He grabbed you by the waist and flew back over. Your gasp of shock was stuck in your throat until he set you down safely on the ground. "Thanks," you said breathlessly. He blushed. "You're welcome." "Hey I'm still over here you know!" Percy called angrily. Grover rolled his eyes and went to get Percy. 
  5. When Percy was down off the gate, you proceeded to look for the Tunnel Ride of Love. You had drawn Agí pe and had braced yourself for monsters- but nothing except the occaisonal scuff of the pavement from your shoes made any sound. But Percy just HAD to change that. "So..Ares and Aphrodte," he said, "they have a thing going?" "That's old news, Percy," said Grover, sounding annoyed, "Like, three thousand year old news." "But what about her husband?" "Well, you know. Hephaustus, God of Blacksmiths. He was crippled as a baby when Zeus threw him off Moun Olympus. He isn't exactly a looker. He's pretty clever, bur Aphrodite really isn't into brains that much..." Grover shot a quick, worried look over at you. You were trying to block the conversation out. You didn't like it.... "She likes bikers?" asked Percy. "She liked my dad..." you whispered to yourself. "Whatever," said Grover. "And Hephaustus knows?" "Yeah. As I said before, he's tried to catch them together and embarrass them. That's why they meet in out-of-the-way places like-" "That," you said, pointing wide eyes at the gigantic water attraction in front of you
  6. In front of you was an empty pool about fifty feet wide. It was bone dry and looked perfect for skateboarding. Around the rim, bronze statues of Cupid with bows and arrows posied, as if about to fire. On the opposite side from you, the tunnel opened up. You figured that was where the ride would go when there was water in it. The sign next to the tunnel read 'THRILL RIDE OF LOVE: THIS IS NOT YOU'RE PARENTS' RIDE OF LOVE. "Guys, look! Down there, in that boat!" You looked down at the bottom of the pool. There was a little two-seater boat with hearts painted all over it. In the left seat, glinting and sparkling with the last light of day, sat Ares' shield. "This is too easy," said Percy, "We just have to walk down there and get it?" You ran your fingers along the base of a Cupid statue. "There's a greek letter carved here, guys. Eta....Do you smell any monsters, Grover?" "Nothing," Grover said with a sniff. "Nothing actually nothing or nothing like the Arch and you didn't smell Echidna?" Percy asked with a raised eyebrow. You elbowed him in the ribs as Grover poured at him. "That was underground!" Percy held up his hands in surrender, then rubbed his ribs. "I'm going down there," you said after a moment. "I'll go with you," Percy said immediate after you. "I'll come too," said Grover, sounding uneasy. "No," said Percy, "You stay up here with your flying shoes. We'll be counting on you as our backup if something goes wrong." Grover nodded sadly. "Come on, Violet," said Percy, taking you hand. You didn't know how you felt about it...Percy leading you down to the 'Thrill Ride of Love."
  7. You reached the boat. The shield was propped up on one seat, and next to it sat a lady's scarf. Your mothers scarf. It was radiating love. You tried to picture Ares and Aphrodite meeting here....but you couldn't. It seemed impossible. But solid proof was sitting right in front of you. Then, you noticed something you hadn't from up top; mirrors. You could see yourself and Percy no matter what direction you looked, and he had noticed it too. Percy picked up the scarf. It shimmered pink and the perfume was amazing...rose, or something else floral. He smiled dreamily and was about to press it up to his cheek when you reached forward and ripped it from his hand. "Oh no," you said, wagging a finger at him, "no love magic for you." "What?" he asked, lookin confused. "Just get the shield, Percy. This place is starting to creep me out. Just get the shield and let's go." But the moment Percy touched the shield, you knew you were in trouble.
  8. You noticed a wire, so thin it was almost invisible. Almost. It broke the second Percy touched the shield. "Percy," you said slowly. He regarded you with a calm expression, although fear was raging in his wide, blue eyes. "Trap?" "Trap," you confirmed. But before you or Percy cold do anything about it, noise exploded from all around you. Grover screamed your names at the top of his lungs from above. ON the rim of the pool, Cupid statues took aim and fired straight at you and Percy. but they sailed right past you and over to the other isde of the pool. Silky threads came trailing behind the arrows, and smaller, somehow thinner threads came out, weaving themselves through the larger threads, making some sort of net.
  9. "We have to get out of here," said Percy. "Thank you SO MUCH, Captain Obvious," you snapped. He shot you a withering look and tried to run up the slope with the shield in his hand- but apparently going up wasn't nearly as easy as going down. Grover tried to help with the net, but just ended up helplessly entangled in it. The Cupid's head popped open, revealing video cameras, as spotlights also popped up around the rim, blinding you and Percy with light. A loudspeaker started counting down; "Live to Olympus in one minute....fifty nine seconds...fifty eight seconds..." Suddenly, an image of the ancient Greek letter 'eta' on the side of the boat popped into your head. Eta...eta...eta....H! "Hephaustus!" you screamed, "There's an 'eta' on the side of the boat. 'Eta' means H! He's trying to catch Aphrodite with Ares!! Now WE'RE going to be broadcast live to Olympus and look like total idiots!"
  10. You had almost made it to the top of the pool, when the rim opened up yet again and little metal robots came crawling out on eight legs. "Sp-sp-spiders!" You wailed, your age-old fear of them suddenly coming back to you. You fell backwards in shock and, although Percy caught you, you fell back down the pool, dragging Percy with you the whole way. Percy got up and pulled you back into the boat, kicking away any spider that came near you. "Twenety nine...twenty eight.." The spiders began spinning webs, trying to tie you and Percy down. Percy slashed away and the webs with ease, but there were almost too many spiders for him to hold off for a long amount of time.
  11. You were too paralyzed to speak or help, but not to think. You noticed that the Tunnel of Love enterance was under the net and Grover had somehow freed himself from the net. If only he could get into the controllers station...-then, yoou spied it. "Grover!" you screamed in a shaky voice, "Get into the control booth and find the 'on' button!" "But-" "GO." Grover nodded and raced into the control booth, pressing button after button. "Five...four....three-"
  12. "I got it, Vi!" Grover screamed. "Percy, we need water." Percy nodded and shut his eyes, obviously deep in concentration. "!" Water shot out of the pipes, it roared into the pool, sweeping all the spiders away (to your ammense relief). Spotlights glared down on you, Cupid-cams rolling live to Olympus. You wondered if your mom could see you right now and contemplated gving her a shout-out, but suddenly, the boat turned and you and Percy rocketed through the Tunnel of Love.
  13. You and Percy screamed and held tight as the boat sailed past Valentine's day images and things from Romeo and Juliet and all that. It hugged corners and took forty-five degree plunges. Then, almost as quickly as you had gone in, you were outside, the cool night air whistling through your throughly sodden hair. Now, if the ride were functioning properly, you would sail through the Gates of Love and into the exit pool. But the Gates were barred and locked. Two previous boats lay two feet away from the Gates in pieces. Percy seemed to notice your predicament. "Unfasten your seatbelt!" he screamed. "What!? ARE YOU CRAZY!?" You yelled back. "Unless you want to get smashed to pieces, we have to jump!" You unfastened your seatlbelt and waited for his word. "NOW!"
  14. Your boat smashed into the pileup- just as you and Percy jumped up and out of the boat, sailing over the Gates of Love...then over the exit pool. Now, you were headed towards solid asphalt. "OUCH!" you yelled, as Grover caught you from the collar of your shirt, "Grover, you're choking me." He shot you a look, but set you down. You massaged your throat and thanked him from saving your face. AS you looked around, you noticed that the Cupid-cams were still rolling, set right in your direction. "Shows over!" Percy yelled, and they went back to statue-form. He grimaced, and held up the shield he had miraculously managed to hold on to. "Now, let's go have a little chat with Ares." The last thing you saw of WaterLand was the smashed up boat.
  15. OMDG YES FINALLY. I meant to update like, a month ago, didn't happen cuz school is being mean to me ;( Anyway, I'll try to update more frequently, but....well, I'll do my best. And for Louis Tomlinson'Harry Styles fans, I have two fan fics you might want to read on wattpad!!! Just search 'The Rhythm of Love' and/or "My Best Friend's Best Friend' by xBeautifulMistake. ALSO, NATUHLEEGAYLE IS ON WATTPAD. CHECK IT OUT. NOW. BYE LOVELIES.

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