How Well Do You Know Percy Jackson?

Many people love the Percy Jackson books. They love the Greek Mythology, funnyness, action, and pretty much everything else you could possibly want in a book!

There are Percy Jackson lovers, and there are Percy Jackson fanatics. If you are a fanatic about Percy Jackson, you know absolutly and utterly everything about him! Are you one? Take this test to find out!

Created by: Spencer
  1. What is Percy's favorite color?
  2. What color are his eyes?
  3. What is his hair color?
  4. What are his two best friends names?
  5. How tall is Percy by the end of the Last Olympian?
  6. In what book was his first kiss with Annabeth?
  7. Who is Percy's biological father?
  8. What is the name of his sword translated to english?
  9. How many schools has Percy been in after the Last Olympian ends?
  10. Which one of these gods is not one of Percy's cousin?
  11. What was Percy eating before going up into the Gateway Arch?
  12. In what book was the first time Percy saw the Nemean Lion?
  13. How many summers was Percy at Camp Half-Blood in just the Percy Jackson Series?
  14. Which of the following gods has Percy NOT met on one of his quests (not on olympus)?
  15. What is Mrs. Dodds' real name?
  16. What is Percy's Birthday?

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Quiz topic: How Well do I Know Percy Jackson?