How well do you know Percy Jackson?!

My quiz is about Percy Jackson And the Olympians. The main reasoning of me making this quiz is because I love Greek Mythology. I am currently working on my own little story I'm making up called "Annabeth Chase, Daughter of Athena. Please do not steal my ideas thank you!!

Do you know anything about Percy Jackson?! Take my quick and fun little quiz to find out!! My questions are not very hard so as long as you are a lucky guesser or have read all the books or maybe you haven't read any but want too, take my quiz and see how much u really know!!

Created by: Danielle
  1. Who is Percy Jacksons Olympian parent?
  2. How does Tyson die?
  3. Who does Percy like?
  4. Who is the child of the " Great Propchecy"?
  5. How old was Percy when he found out he was a Demigod?
  6. Would u fight monsters if you had the chance?!
  7. What Is 1 Game They Play At Camp Halfblood?
  8. Who Does Annabeth Like?
  9. What weapon does Percy choose to fight with?
  10. What is Percys weapon called?
  11. What is the Hellhounds name that Quintus brings into the sword arena?!
  12. Is their hellhound Male or Female?

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Quiz topic: How well do I know Percy Jackson?!