How well do you know Annabeth chase from Percy jackson

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We all love the series Percy Jackson and of course all of us hopefully love Annabeth chase, but how much do you really know her. Take this quiz to find out how much you really know that much about her.

And buy the way of anyone actually reads this paragraph witch you probably wont, but if u do, Leo are not and off your a Leo could you give this quiz a smiley fase.

Created by: Esstella

  1. What is Annabeth magical item
  2. Who is annabeth 's mother
  3. Who was her first crush
  4. Why did she leave home
  5. What did Annabeth look like, if you don't get this that's just sad
  6. What were the first words Annabeth says to percy
  7. What are you thinking of right now.
  8. I love you guys
  9. Is Percy Jackson hot? What do you think
  10. What zodiac sign are u

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Quiz topic: How well do I know Annabeth chase from Percy jackson