Percy Jackson Love Story part 9

I AM SORRY. I KNOW THIS IS LATE! And you can thank natuhleegayle, HogwartsLove, and Jaime for having this before Saturday. Okay, so we'll fond out who the hooded figure is, and your date with Luke is in this edition!!!

Will you get the guys of your dreams? Or will you remain just friends? Well, take the Percy Jackson Love Story quiz and find out for yourself! Good luck!!!!!!

Created by: Calypso1315

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  1. "You shouldn't have left camp, Violet," a voice emanated from the dark cloak. The person stepped into the light. It was a woman. Everyone except for you and Percy gasped. Two manicured hands lifted the hood off the head of a beautiful woman. You couldn't be sure what her hair color was, or her eye color, even her skin color, but you knew from the feeling in your gut that whatever it was, it was beautiful. "Uhum, and who are you to decide that?" you asked, not really meaning to be rude, just wondering. Everyone gasped and some scolded "Violet!", but the woman merely laughed, a high, tinkling sound, like a bell on Easter Sunday. That laugh, you remembered it from somewhere. A distant memory floated up out of the blue...
  2. ....You didn't know how old you were. Probably and infant, just born. There was a deep rumbling voice you recognized as your dad. Then, the bell sounded. You heard it...Then, you were six. You were on the swing-set on the playground a couple blocks from your apartment. Suddenly, a bunch of girls in overalls and Ugg boots came up to you. They told you to beat it, but you didn't want to move. You didn't want to resort to violence...suddenly a voice told you to say thing you knew, the girls were walking off with sheepish expression on their faces, trying to cover up the little puppy pattern in their shirts..
  3. Then you were nine. The biggest, scariest girl in your grade was walking up to you with an extremely violent expression. When she reached you, you simply asked nicely that she wouldn't punch you as she raised her fist. She suddenly got a dreamy expression on her face and nodded. Then she just walked away...
  4. Suddenly you were back in present day. You were facing the woman, who was now seated at the foot of your bed, picking at her nails. She noticed you were awake, after doing a double take. "Well?" she said. You just glared at her. "Well?" she repeated, "What did you see?" "Why?" "Hmm?" she asked. "why did you leave? Why didn't you stay?" you asked, your eyes slits. "Vi, I told you. Zeus decreed that Gods and Goddesses can't interfere, they can't be near their children," Grover said, sounding eager. You briefly glanced at him before looking at Aphrodite. She gave you an apologetic look. "I'm so very sorry, Violet," she said in her sweet-as-sugar voice, "I didn't want to leave. But I could feel myself turning mortal..and I had to le-" "BUT YOU COULD HAVE STAYED!" you suddenly bellowed, "YOU COULD HAVE STAYED WITH ME AND DAD BUT NO! NO, YOU CHOSE TO APHRODITE, THE GODDESS OF LOVE AND BEAUTY!" "Violet, please calm down," she said quietly, but you were in a rage. You had __ years of rage at your mother for leaving you and your father-who STILL cried himself to sleep over her nightly- and not ever sending some sign that she was alive...
  5. "Violet, all you're screaming about...well, it's easier said then done," said Aphrodite. You were just hysterically irate (You: stop it with the big words) with your mother. You haven't seen her since you were a newborn, and now she decides to show up here and tell you off for leaving camp? You had started to open your mouth to scream at Ahprodite again, when she spoke first. "Violet, you need rest. You just woke up from a coma. And I really shouldn't have come anyways...seeing as I'm so unwelcome," said Aphrodite, small tears starting to form in her big, beautiful eyes. She smiled at Rose and Selena (Keep in mind they're her daughters too!) who just stared at her, slack jawed. Aphrodite nodded at the boys as well before putting her hood back up over her head, and left. When she was gone, everyone was still staring at the place where she had just stood. "Well done, Violet..." Jaime said in a guilt-tripping tone. You rounded on her "What!?" you cried. She gave you an apprehensive look. "Vi, I know you just woke up from a coma and then met the mother you never knew, but don't you DARE get sassy with me! DON'T YOU DARE!" You glared at her. She suddenly looked like she was about to cry again. "Just be glad you're actually able to talk to your mom," she said before sweeping out of the Infirmary. You stared after her through the window until she was out of sight. You had a sinking feeling in your gut.
  6. (Kay, guys, I REALLY have to speed up time here, so what you're about to read is one week after the last question, k?) *Swoosh! Time warp* You woke up one morning feeling surprisingly happy. Then you remembered: Your date with Luke was today. You nearly fell out of bed, when you remembered, in your haste to get up and into a shower or something. Rose fell out of her bed too- but she was laughing at you. You gave her a dirty look and took a shower. After a shower filled with many multi-scented soaps- so many, you reckoned you smelled like a billion different flowers- you dressed in a pair of clean, white-tinted jeans, a pair of army boots (with absolutely NO mud or anything on them) and a simple light blue tee-shirt. You brushed your _____ (color) hair and let it down so it was pretty and ______ (curly or straight.)You got a thin jacket from your suitcase and were about to leave when you catch sight of Rose shaking her head at you. "What?" you ask her, about to start laughing at the grim expression on her face. Her face lights up and she grabs you by the arm without saying a word. The next thing you know, you're wearing a red sundress, a jean jacket, and a pair of red high-tops. Your hair is in two french braids. With a smile upon Rose's face, and a look of horror on your own, she kicks you out the door.
  7. When you reached the ice cream shop, you smiled as you opened the door and were greeted by the tinkling bell and a smile from Grandma Smith. You waved at her and looked around for Luke, whom you spotted immediately. He waved you over. "Hey, Violet, you look beautiful today," he said. You blushed and said "Thank you! You're looking pretty good yourself," you said, gesturing to his clean jeans, and blue sweater. You silently thanked Rose for changing your outfit. He seemed calm, at ease, by look of his relaxed position and calm expression, but if you looked in his eyes, you could see him silently freaking out. "So what are we doing today?" you asked nonchalantly, trying to get a conversation going before it got awkward. His calm expression got slightly panicked for a moment, before relaxing again. "Well, I thought first we'd go for a walk on the beach, but if you don't want to.." "No! That's perfect!" you said, trying your best to sound cheerful as you remembered the last time you were on the beach with a boy...
  8. You and Luke talked the whole way down to the beach. You talked about what you life was like before Camp Half-Blood, but refrained from his, for some reason...but he was just so easy to talk to. Everything was going great. When you reached the water, you stood there for a moment, just staring out at the sea, thinking a little of Percy (and feeling guilty, no matter your feelings, because you were on a date with Luke.)when you felt something icy cold collide with your back. You grimaced, thinking 'I'm gonna....' and turned around to face Luke, whose face was alight with eh biggest smile you had ever seen. "You did NOT just do that," you intoned in a dangerously low voice before throwing a handful of water at him, which caught him in the face. You threw water at each other for what felt like forever, until you stumbled over a piece of seaweed that had somehow caught around your ankle. Luke, who was behind you, saw you falling, and caught you. For a moment, you just lay there in his arms, staring into his amazingly blue were suddenly thinking of Percy...You finally snapped out of it, now focusing entirely on Luke. You stared back up into his blue eyes to see that he was still staring back at you. You both smiled. It was slightly awkward now, but you didn't care. You didn't think you had ever felt this happy in your entire life; well, not sin you were a little, care-free kid, before you knew your mom was a goddess, before everything. "Vi? Are you okay? You look like something is wrong," he asked in a concerned voice. You looked up at him, and said, almost defiantly, "No. I'm fine, everything is perfect." He smiled, sat you down on the sand, then sat down right by your side. After a few moments, you could feel his warm hand in yours.
  9. You sat there for a while, until Luke suggested that you both go to dinner. You didn't want it to be over, and you told him that too. He beamed. "Well, then why don't we meet back down here after the sing-along tonight?" he said, smiling his face off, extending a hand to you. You took his hand, and nodded. "I'll see you then!" you said, as you both turned in opposite directions to get back to camp. But as the beach was leaving your earshot, you heard someone screaming 'OH MY GODS THANK YOU!!!!" You started to beam, and you were so busy laughing at the fact that you had that much of an impact, that you didn't notice where you were walking. And, in a spazzy moment, you bumped into someone. "Oh my gods, I am so sorry," you said as you got up, and turned to help the other person up. But then you saw who it was: Dominic. And he looked M.A.D. You almost cowered in front of him. You could see now why his father was Ares..he was positivly the most scary person when he wanted to be..his mouth was back in a sneer, his eyebrows pulled so close together you'd think he only had one. He was glaring at you. You didnt like the feeling. "Did you have fun on your little date, Violet?" he spat. You wanted to speak, but your voice had abandoned you. "I-I.." "That's what I thought. When did you plan on telling the rest of us?" "I- What? The rest of you? What are you talking about?" Now it was Dominic's turn to look scared. "L-look, I won't tell if you don't," he said before hurrying off. You watched him walk off, feeling eyes bore holes into your back. You looked around, but saw nobody. Shrugging it off, you walked towards the pavilion, thinking about what Dominic had meant by 'the rest of us'.....When you ran into somebody else. "Mother of the gods!"
  10. Okay, my new username for this site is 'Tease'! Jk, but I would like to take the time to thank somebody very dear to me, who has helped me through so much you don't even know, who has pushed me and asked me continuously when my next edition would be out. Now, I know you thinking "It's nat gayle! Well, her too, but this time, I am speaking of someone ELSE we all know and love to bitz. JAIME!!! Thank you girl, for the million times you ask me when the next part is coming out!! This edition is for you!!!!
  11. Also, I would like to thank natuhleegayle, for pushing me to get this part up and for her amazing advice, and HogwartsLove, for being such an amazing inspiration, having the best quizzes ever, the best reactions in the universe, and for just being the best she can be! I LOVE YOU HL AND NAT!!!!

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