Together (Prologue)

Some things you MUST know: the parts of this story will be title. They will be written like this: Together: Part Title. Also, this will be a love story, thus the name "Together". I will not tell me what kind of love story it is yet. When I do, please, no hate.

Also, the chapters will have a song at the end that will symbolize the feeling of the chapter. I beg you to look it up on YouTube. Even if you've heard it a million times. It may change how you listen to the song.

Created by: wolfgrl45

  1. I never knew my mother. Well, not really.
  2. I do have one memory of her, though.
  3. I was young, about five. I was upset with how people had made fun of my...well background
  4. I remember it strangely vividly. My mother gave me a hug and whispered to me, "Sigunn, you be anything you want to be."
  5. Oh yeah. My name is Sigunn Jones. Yes, weird name. People made fun of me for my name too.
  6. Anyway, soon after my mother died. But her words remained with me forever.
  7. When I was a little kid, I thought that she meant I could be many magical things.
  8. A mermaid, a fairy, a princess.
  9. But the thing I was to become would escape even the active imagination of a five year old. But I don't care. No matter what anyone says, I won't let them drag me down. I am greater than they ever will be.
  10. Song for the prologue: Wings by Little Mix

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