Wings Of Fire ( has some fan made tribes ) love story part 1

This is my first quiz and I hope ( you'll get it later ) that you like it . This first one will be your crush , the next one will be your dragon type , ya ya , I know , so out of order , but you can hate my quiz if u want ! I live in a free country!!

So , take a screen shot if u want to find next quiz ;W,O.F love story quiz part 2 : dragon type W.O.F love story quiz part 3 : mateW.O.F which fan made tribe of mine are you ?

Created by: Hope

  1. You have arrived at at Jade Mountain . Fatespeaker tells you where your winglet and Claw mates are . Your walking down a hall and you bump into a SkyWing . You :
  2. The Skywing walks into the dorm and you realize that this is your dorm , the Silver Winglet . You walk in and see the Skywing , a mudwing , and a Nightwing looking dragon , and a SeaWing . You :
  3. After talking to - dragon of your choice - , the Skywing says his name " Hello , I'm Firequake, what's your name ?"
  4. " I like your name " the mudwing said . The SeaWing stared at you " my names Speckle " " I'm Star ! I'm not Nightwing , in fact , I don't know what I am . "Said the .. night dragon thing " well , my name is Alligator " said the mudwing.
  5. Yourelize that it's time for History class . Your winglet goes on over to the history cave , you see that Speckle goes to the library . You :
  6. You follow him any ways . He goes to the very back of the cave , he pushes a stone and it moves back , the wall opened up !! Speckle turns around to see if anyone is waching , you hide behind a ..
  7. Speckle sees you any ways , he walks tword you , and he grabs your talons , you the blank out .
  8. You wake up with sunshine all over the place , and you smell blood . You look around and you see Speckle fighting an Icewing who is about to use their frost breath . You :
  9. The Icewing freezes and stares at you " so your Girkfriend finally woke up heh ? " Speckle starts to blush and says no . They both look at you . The Icewing comes over and takes one of you hands , he bends over in a bow and lightly touches your talons with his snout . You :
  10. Speckle comes over and asks you if you could tell no one , you say yes and he shows you the way out , once your out you run to the history cave without thinking , the class had just begun , you sit down next to - dragon of your choice - and don't listen webs , your thinking ..
  11. Cliff hanger !!!! Hows you like me quiz ? ( kinda effects your score for 2 of em )

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