How Much Do You Know About Wings Of Fire Jade Mountain?

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Wings of Fire. The dragon tribes of Pyrrhia have been at war for years, locked in an endless battle over a powerful throne and a lost treasure. A secret movement called the Talons of Peace is determined to bring an end to the fighting, with the help of a cryptic prophecy.

Jade Mountain is the place Kestrel told the dragonets to go if they needed her near the end of the first book, The Dragonet Prophecy. There is a so-called "dragon of Jade Mountain" that was mentioned, whose tribe and gender were unknown, but this dragon was reported as an ally of the Talons of Peace.

Created by: Paradise_RainWing
  1. Webs is the hunting teacher.
  2. Turtle is in the Copper Winglet.
  3. Winter has a scavenger.
  4. Kinkajou is a RainWing.
  5. The NightWings in Jade mountain academy are Moonwatcher, Bigtail, Fearless, Mindreader, and Darkflare.
  6. The SandWings in jadmountain academy are qibli, onyx, ostrich, pronghorn, and arid.
  7. The skywings at jade mountain academy are carnelian, flame, thrush, peregrine, lightning.
  8. the icewings at jade muntain academy are winter, icicle, changbai, alba, blizzard.
  9. The rainwings at jade mountain academy are kinkajou, tamarin, boto, coconut, siamang.
  10. the mudwings at jade mountain academy are umber, sora, sepia, marsh, newt.

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