Wings of Fire Forgotten: The Amethyst Winglet (part 1)

Hi! I've been inspired by all of the Wings of Fire love stories out there, so I decided to write my own story. I hope you like it! After you finish this part, I'll tell you which dragon in my story you are most like.

There are six different options; they're all female, just fyi. If you don't identify as female, I'm sorry. You can change the she/her pronouns to something else in your head if you want.

Created by: QueenGlory

  1. Okay. Hi. I'm QueenGlory. (You probably know that already.) I've never written a story on GoToQuiz before, so sorry if this turns out really bad.
  2. The story starts in Amber's POV.
  3. You look around nervously. "First day, it's okay," you whisper. The dragon next to you gives you a strange look. It's a Nightwing... no, it's a Rainwing. She smiles sheepishly. "Sorry, am I bothering you?" you ask her."Oh, uh, no. Sorry," she mumbles, looking away and hurrying down one of the caves.
  4. You blink, confused. "Well, that's weird." you say to no one in particular. You look again and see an Icewing glaring fiercely at you. Another dragon next to her gives you an apologetic shrug and comes over. You:
  5. No matter what you chose to do, the strange dragon comes up to you and introduces herself as Citrine. You notice that she looks like a Skywing, but she has weird head spikes and a whip-thin tail like an Icewing. "Sorry about her," she says, indicating the glaring Icewing. "That's Frost. My sister. You're new here, aren't you?" You say:
  6. "Anyway," she says, laughing at your response, "we should get to our rooms before someone yells at us."
  7. She shows you to your room and tells you, "I think you're in the Amethyst Winglet, like me."
  8. She goes off to her own room, and you look into yours to find a Seawing already there. "I'm in Amethyst, too." she says. "River. Nice to meet you..." She trails off, looking at you expectantly. You say:
  9. She smiles and goes over to her bed to sleep. You look around and find another bed, which looks like it's supposed to be yours. You sleep:
  10. That night, you dream about:
  11. Keep an eye out for the Amethyst Winglet Part 2!
  12. Bye!

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