Which made up WoF character are you?

Hey again! It's Paradise_RainWing! All of the characters in this personality quiz are made up! Their origin stories too! The dragons are Amber the MudWing, Aphid the SandWing, Red the SkyWing, Tidalwave the SeaWing, Python the RainWing, Blizzard the IceWing, and Thunderclap the NightWing.

MudWings: Breath fire in right conditions. Some have fireproof scales. SandWings: Venomous tails. SkyWings: Breath fire, some have fire scales. SeaWings: Breath underwater, glowing scales. RainWings: Venom, Camoflauge. IceWing: Freezing death breath. NightWings: Breath fire, some can read mind and forsee the future.

Created by: Paradise_RainWing
  1. What tribe are you from?
  2. Who is your sister?
  3. Who is your brother?
  4. Who is your mother?
  5. Who is your father?
  6. What type of food would you eat?
  7. Who is your queen?
  8. How are you feeling today?
  9. Where would you like to live?
  10. Who are you hoping to get?

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Quiz topic: Which made up WoF character am I?