A smidgen of revenge: Part One

Hey people! So, first things first, if you haven't read the prologue, go do that. Done? Good. Okay, so, just so you know, this story is no longer in Charleys POV. Instead, it's in her bff, Sam's, pov.

For as long as I could remember, she was there for me. She was the light in the dark -- my lighthouse. Even when times were tough, she'd be there. Love stole her from me -- and I swear to get my revenge.

Created by: ghettobabe4ever
  1. " Vanessa Beaucourt, thirty-five, was found the following night at the bottom of Valley Peak, accompanied by her husband, Henry Beaucourt and step-daughter, Charlotte Beaucourt--" the reporters simpering voice blared out from the speakers of my flat screen television, her face faltering as the camera man swerved the camera away from her towards a group photo of the three of them. Chunks of fruity pebbles spewed from my mouth as I realized where I'd heard of Charlotte Beaucourt. Charlotte was my best friend -- though everyone always called her Charley.
  2. For as long as I could remember, Charley had always been there for me. She was the only person who had ever offered to be my friend -- ever. As the reporter continued to drone on about the incident, one crucial thing leapt to my mind -- where was Cody? Cody was her boyfriend and never left her side -- ever. She seriously had to plead to get privacy from him, and there is no way Cody would have let Charley go to Valley Peak on her own. Honestly, there relationship was a bit one-sided, and Cody was one of those obsessive boyfriends who became jealous over the simplest of things. But I swear to god -- he wasn't abusive. He worshipped her like a queen and wouldn't ever hurt her. Ever.
  3. Doing my best not to completely freak out, I pulled out my IPhone and quickly dialed Cody's number -- wondering if he were watching the news. I waited patiently as it rung once.... Twice.... Three times, before he picked up. " Hello?" his voice flooded the speaker -- his voice a little pitchy as he spoke -- most likely from allergies. " Cody, it's me, Sam. Have you been watching the news?" " No. Sam, I'm not some sorta grandpa. What's so important on the news?" he sighed. " Cody! Just listen to me. Charley's dead."
  4. The line went silent for a moment before a sudden sob rung out across the line. " No. You're wrong! My beautiful Charley can't be -- you're lying!" he insisted. Oh my god. The poor boy. " No! I'd never lie about this. Cody.... Just.... Just calm down! I'm just as upset as you, but yelling won't make her come back." I cried into the phone, my eyes stinging as tears rolled down my rosy cheeks. " She's all I had." he continued to sob. I couldn't take it anymore -- I had to know. " Cody? Why were you not with Charley last night?"
  5. Silence. " Hello? Cody are you there? Why aren't you --" " Y-yeah, I'm here. Sorry. I wasn't with her because...." he trailed off, leaving me to wonder if he were hiding something from me. I mean, Cody and I never got along -- me being a rich girl, while he and Charley were dirt poor-- but still. " I wasn't there because she went out with Cole last night, not me." he admitted. Cole.
  6. Cole was Cody's twin brother -- and they were indeed identical. Nobody could tell them apart -- not even their own mother. " You don't think -- you think she was cheating on you?" I finally asked. Yeah, it was a known fact Cole had always been crushing on Charley -- and though Charley had countless times denied feeling anything for him -- I still felt this odd connection between the two of them. " Charley would never cheat on me! She loved me and I loved her --" he growled at me, a sudden pause taking place.
  7. The line kept silent for a long period of time -- fifteen minutes passing before I really began to worry. " Cody? Hello? Are you done being mad at me?" I called out into the receiver, gaining no response. " Last chance before I call the cops Cody." I threatened. Nothing. My heart began to pound rapidly as I hung up and dialed 911 -- explaining the situation. They thanked me for the warning and assured me they'd check up on him and offer assistance -- yet it did little to settle my nerves.
  8. " Calm down, Sam," I told myself, raking my spindly fingers through my short red locks that stuck out in odd places. " Cody's gonna be fine. You're gonna be fine. This is all just a really bad dream." I said. As much as I wanted that to calm me down -- it didn't. I did the next best thing any ate a carton of ice-cream while watching the television, flipping through the channels.
  9. As I continued to flip through the channels, I spotted a picture of Cody on the news and my eyes nearly popped out of my head. In big white letters read :' Cody Barnes, eighteen, of Salt Lake City -- found dead'. Oh. My. God. Cody is dead.
  10. Giant tears plopped down my swollen cheeks as the reporter began to speak -- snapping her wad of bubblegum as she spoke. " Eighteen year old Cody Barnes was discovered dead this afternoon by Salt Lake City police after a concerned caller pled for them to check up on him," she began, her high-pitched voice ringing in my ears. " police say that the caller told them she was speaking with him about his deceased girlfriend -- Charlotte Beaucourt -- who was found dead this morning."
  11. " On the topic of Charlotte Beaucourt -- it was recently discovered miss Beaucourt was the victim of an unknown death-- her parents facing a different death. Murder. " she said with a tight grin pressed against her face. Oh. My. God. Her parents were killed -- maybe right in front of her. "I have just been informed Mr Barnes was found this afternoon -- a knife stabbed in his chest. More news at eleven." she grinned.
  12. *** CLIFFHANGER***Question! Should I continue in Sam's pov, or should I start in Coles pov? Lemme know!

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