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Welcome to the thirty-sixth part of my first story quiz series! If you haven't already, you might want to read the others, so you can understand the story. A little later than I planned for this release, but a little longer than planned, so I guess it all works out. I might have time to finally release an overdue part of "The Other Side" tomorrow or in a couple days, and I would appreciate if you could check it out. Thanks!

Recap: You found out that Emilia's loyalties lie with Blake as she turned on you and captured you. Through a variety of scuffles with her, Logan, and Quincy, involving books, glass rods, and an encounter with Dominic, you finally manage to escape. You and Kalia fly off a balcony, carrying Justin between you. However, Quincy won't let you leave with the last act as he throws his knife directly at you.

Created by: xxblutixx
  1. "Knife!" you alert Kalia as you twist out of the way, hoping that Kalia will have enough time to respond to your manuever and right the blanket so that Justin doesn't come tumbling out. There's a confused moment as you brush shoulders with Kalia, who is trying to figure out what exactly is happening and how to respond, and Justin is almost tipped upside down out of the blanket.
  2. Soon, however, you regain some sort of order, and the first thing you do is look for the knife. You managed to avoid it, and there isn't a glint of silver either in the air or on the ground. You spot the knife soon enough. The silver blade winks wickedly at you as you see it slightly protruding out of Kalia's arm.
  3. "Kalia! Oh my goodness, we have to land. Are you okay?" you ask before mentally slapping yourself. Of course she isn't okay, there's a magical blade stuck in her arm. She shakes her head, "We're too close. We have to get farther and meet with the back-up." It had completely slipped your mind that there was a back-up for this mission, though it makes sense. At least you didn't have to fly all the way back to the park by your house, though, you just realize, you have no idea how far or in which direction it is. You hope, then, that you'll be able to find the back-up without having access to any means of communication.
  4. The flying is slow business, with the extra weight, the wind resistance being increased because of Justin, and your sore muscles. Before you're even 50 meters away, you already feel like collapsing on a bed. Kalia is doing just as badly in terms of endurance. You can see that she's forcing herself to continue, despite the trickle of blood running down her arm. "We should land," you say. She shakes her head and swallows, "No, we're not out yet." "We're risking crashing if we go any further by air. It's slower, but going by foot is safer.
  5. Kalia closes her eyes for a moment as if digesting the idea. "Ok, let's land," she gives in. Both of you tilt your wings together slowly, so as to stay in rhythm with each other as you descend to the ground, setting the comforter down easily first before touching ground yourself. As soon as Kalia touches ground, her knees buckle, and she falls to the ground.
  6. You rush over to help her up, but she's already pushing herself up with her good arm. Once up, she reaches over and pulls the knife out of her arm. With a sharp gasp, she leans into the support of a tree as blood runs freely down her arm. The pendant of the necklace you're wearing glows purple, then gold, and you feel the resulting heat radiation. You think nothing of it until you realize that you can't move.
  7. Your body doesn't seem to be obeying your thoughts. In fact, it seems to have a mind of it's own as you walk over the Kalia and put your hands on her wound, all actions that you did not order. It's like being under the grip of Layla's venom again, but worse because this time, not only are you helpless to do anything but watch, but also someone else is controlling what you do.
  8. You watch as Kalia's wound glows gold and is suddenly replaced by unbroken skin. You don't know healing, but you are familiar with that golden glimmer. "She is not fully healed yet. The clock ticks for her... for you... for everyone. The elf cannot garner support of the wolves, but anon, they shall come," it's Dominic's voice in your head again.
  9. "What are you doing to me," you ask in your mind. There's no response. "Whose side are you on?" you demand. No response again. "Could you at least give me a warning before you take over my body next time? Or better, don't do it again?" you think, aggravated and annoyed that you're being used like a puppet. "We could not at the time; there is precious little left. Go... don't tarry," Dominic answers finally, pausing at the end as if he wanted to say more. You wait for him, but he doesn't add anything, and you know you're wasting valuable time by trying to wring answers from him, so you bring you attention back to the present situation, finding that you have control of your body again.
  10. The first thing you do is grasp the chain of the Spirit Necklace, spinning it to find the clasp. You swore there was one, but now, as many times as you spin it around, you can't find one. Neither can you lift it off you because you seem to hit a strange, invisible force when you lift it too high. As a last resort, you yank on it to try to break the chain. As it resists, you pull harder each time. "You're going to choke yourself, _______!" Justin exclaims in concern, holding back the other side of the necklace.
  11. "It won't come off," you state stonily. Justin tries to lift it off of you, but meets the same rate of success. "What is up with this," he mutters under his breath. "It has a mind of it's own, Justin. I don't like it. You saw how Kalia was healed? I didn't do that," you confide in him. His eyes widen subtlely, "That's a concern." "It-" you start, but you're cut off by the howl of a wolf, followed with a chorus of answering howls.
  12. The sounds travel down your spine, making you shudder, and you feel the rise of some hidden, internal animal instinct. Every nerve in your body shudders with you, yowling at you to run as fast as you can, away from here, anywhere far far away. "Their Hunt is on," Kalia announces solemnly.
  13. You drop your efforts to take the necklace off and kickstart efforts to get away, Justin and Kalia beside you. You have no idea where you're headed; you only know that you need to run. Before long, you realize that Justin is lagging far behind. Being fully human, he can't compete with the supernatural athletic abilities that you and Kalia possess. Fighting every urging in your body that's telling you to run the other way, you run back to him. You don't have a plan, but something needs to be done.
  14. "_______!" Kalia calls sharply. You turn to see her backing away slowly from three approaching wolves. "Um, don't look now, _______, but..." Justin trails off as you look his way to see 3 more wolves coming from the opposite direction. A minute more and you'll be boxed in. Fire, water, telekinesis, air, earth... you run through the powers that you've been taught, which would be most effective?
  15. You've made your choice and start to hone your thoughts to that power, but before you can even feel a spark of power, the dynamics of the fight change. Six fireballs fall down from the sky, like meteors, one falling directly in front of each wolf. While they yelp and seem more concerned with the fire spreading in front of them, you, Justin, and Kalia are more concerned with what's coming from above.
  16. It looks like a comet, falling from the sky, but, only once it lands in the middle of your group do you realize that it's actually a girl, bathed in flame. She twirls around once like a ballerina, letting loose a radius of fire that expands outward from her. Its shape parts away from you, Kalia, and Justin, leaving you unharmed, but you can still feel the intense heat warming your face as it passes to go after its targets, the werewolves, who turn tail, whining and whimpering away.
  17. "Now that's what I call 'burned'," the girl laughs and blows out a flame on her finger, causing the warm smell of a campfire to fill the air for a moment. You're fooled for a moment, thinking that she's still made of flame, before you realize that that's her outfit. She's wearing a pure scarlet red party dress which was probably the major cause of your assumption. Its one shoulder strap is adorned with a red rose, and it reaches the girl's mid-thigh, leaving her long legs bare. The rest of her appearance adds to her flame appearance. She has long, red hair that rolls in unrestrained waves down her back, gray eyes with flecks of burning orange, and a mask of orange and yellow. To complete the look, she's wearing black pumps.
  18. "Don't stare like you've never seen a fire elemental before," she laughs, "Well, part elemental... and you probably haven't since I'm the only one for miles around." She laughs again and smiles at all of you. "Oh! Rude of me!" she exclaims. She takes off her mask and holds her free hand out to you, "I'm Charlotte Rose; you can call me Charlie. I was assigned to be the near back-up team. You're the Milia, aren't you?"
  19. You take her hand, but instead of introducing yourself, you ask, "How do we know you're on our team? You're wearing a dress like you just came from the party, but only we were supposed to go in." She looks down at the ground a little guiltily, "Well, don't tell anyone, but I did go to the party. I wanted to really badly, but Jack said that he already had the maximum amount of people. I snuck in the back door like 2 hours ago. To prove myself? You could check my necklace... I can't get in contact with Jack, though, only Kris."
  20. "Our necklaces were confiscated at the party," you say, unsure whether to take the offer or not. "Kris's and mine weren't taken," Kalia speaks up, "We snuck in too, later." "So you can contact Kris?" you ask Kalia, surprised that she didn't mention this before. She nods, "He's on the roof, looking for us. He lost track of the rest of the team." "Is he really? Last I knew was that he and Jack were fighting Logan and Quincy's men together. Well, I'll tell him to get over here, then, so he'll confirm my identity," Charlie tells you.
  21. She points into the air and lets out a flare of flame. "Now he'll know where to find us," she announces. "Won't everyone else know we're here too?" Justin asks. "Then we'll fight everyone else," Charlie smiles serenely.
  22. It seems like a piece of the night sky falls from the heavens when Kris descends, landing between Charlie and Kalia. "They're coming, Charlie. I could've found you without drawing the attention of everyone a mile away from here," Kris says, adding the last part almost under his breath. "You sourpuss," Charlie teases him good-naturedly, "It doesn't matter; they won't get past Ignius."
  23. "You sent your guardian out to fight," Kris says almost in disbelief. "He offered... anyway, they sent out a wolf pack... they can get a wolf pack in return," Charlie innocently replies back. "Except yours are made of flame," Kris states, to which Charlie just shrugs with an amused look on her face. Kris shakes his head and turns to you, Kalia, and Justin. "Charlie is one of the back-ups, part of an elemental group. She'll take us back," Kris says. "That's right," Charlie smiles, holds up a key chain, and points to herself, "Get-away driver."
  24. You all follow Charlie back to town, to a rocky, rundown parking lot behind the hulking presence of a Super Wal-mart. The harsh white light of the industrial streetlights make everything illuminated seem surreal as if light and dark were separate entities with rigid boundaries. "Now where did I park... aha!" Charlie mumbles to herself. She runs over to a yellow convertible Volkwagen beetle. "A beetle? Charlie, we're not going to fit. I'll just meet you there," Kris objects. "Crazy talk, Kris. Just get in," Charlie directs while helping Kalia get into the front seat.
  25. Justin crawls into the backseat, and you follow, looking back at Kris to see what he'll do. With a shake of his head, he follows you and shuts the door. "Cozy back there?" Charlie asks as she settles into the driver's seat. "Sure," you reply. In actuality, it's a lot more than cozy... more like squished. Kris is trying his best to give you personal space, but you're still knee-to-knee and shoulder-to-shoulder, not to mention that the seat is more like a ledge and you barely have room to move forward either. "Wings in people, and we're off!" Charlie announces, flooring the gas pedal.
  26. You find yourself clamping down on both Kris's and Justin's arms for dear life because 1. You aren't buckled in because you're too tightly fit in 2. The roof was left open 3. The car must be altered in some way because it's going a lot faster than physically possible for a little beetle like this. After a while, you get a little more accustomed to the speed and loosen your grip on the guys. Justin rubs the wrist you were holding, and you notice the imprint of your fingers on his skin. "I'm sorry!" you apologize immeadiately, and he laughs, "It's fine."
  27. "It'll be an hour, so I can make sure no one is following us," Charlie informs you all, "Get some rest if you can so you're ready to fend off a couple people if Emilia spilled about the park yet." You decide to take her advice, leaning back and closing your eyes. Relieving yourself of the stress of the past evening.
  28. Two announcements before I get to the closing question. First, AiFiahK3mE and Flight, you're both entitled to the prize so please leave the vacation destination trip you'd like the group to go on in the comments (places, sights, activities, etc.) Second, if you could please take some time to check out angelic4's series "A Freak Among Freaks" Now, who do you like?

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