Don't leave me hanging part 19

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Welcome to the nineteenth part of my first story quiz! If you haven't read the others, you might want to. Since descriptions of the guys were requested, I put Justin, Cory, Kris, Jack, Logan, and Blake's descriptions in the last 6 questions because it was too long for the second introduction paragraph. If anyone wants another character's description or details, tell me in the comments, and I'll post it there.

That picture to the left is how I picture Marisa. I'm proud I made that myself :3 even though the picture isn't that interesting XP Recap: Stella's mom summarized the whole conflict again and gave you time to ask her questions. You met Marisa, the leader of the local werewolf pack, then curled up with Cory on the couch to watch a Scooby Doo movie.

Created by: xxblutixx

  1. "_______... _______," you hear a voice calling to you softly. You can't tell where the voice is coming from, and, when you try to look around, all you see is blackness. You try to call out, to ask who it is, but, even though you move your mouth, no words can come out. You start to panic, your breath coming out in little bursts, while the darkness seems to grow, enclosing and stifling you. "Shhh, _______, shh... it's all right, you can calm down," the voice assures you.
  2. A glow appears far away in the darkness. "What is that," you think. "Try who," the voice replies, sounding amused. You realize two things: one, that you can only communicate through your thoughts and two, the voice seems to be emanating from the glow. You think, "Who are you and what's happening?" "Oh, you know me," the voice says, "And, _______, I thought you would have realized by now... you're asleep."
  3. "You didn't answer my question," you think, somehow adding a grumpy tone. The voice laughs, "Oh, didn't I? I think I'll stay mysterious for the moment, it's sort of amusing. Plus, what's the fun of knowing everything? Mystery is much more fun, don't you think?" You stay silent, waiting for the voice to lose patience and give away its identity, but it doesn't. The voice seems content to stay as silent as you, and you actually start to feel impatient.
  4. "How do I know I'm not imagining this?" you think. The voice answers promptly as if waiting for you to ask, "I could give you a sign..." "Fine, how about you come to a meeting with me tomorrow at noon in the park by my house. If I really do know you, you should know where that is," you think, but the voice replies back, "No... that's not how it works, _______. I'll give you a sign and a hint. We'll see how that goes..." The glow starts to fade away. "Wait," you try to call it back, but it's gone.
  5. Your eyes open. You start to shift into a more comfortable sitting position as you wake up. You notice you're still on the couch, and the TV is still on. However you're under a blanket; someone must've covered you while you were asleep because you don't remember doing that yourself. "Hey angel, have a good nap?" you hear from above you.
  6. Looking up, you see Cory's face. He's grinning at you. "How did I do as a pillow?" he asks. You blush as you realize that you fell asleep on him. "Still waking up, hm?" Cory comments, "Did you know you were talking in your sleep?" You stick a tongue out at him, "No, I didn't. Kind of hard to notice when I'm asleep." "What were you dreaming about?" Cory asks curiously, "You were asking 'who?' and mumbled 'wait'." "Nothing interesting," you say, "There was just this voice talking. I know I've heard it before, but I can't think of whose it is. It's really irritating."
  7. "Ah, I know what you mean," Cory says, then his expression changes to look puzzled, "_______, believe me when I say I'm not purposely staring at your chest while we're talking, but what's that glow?" You look down to see a bright glow coming through your shirt. "Oh cr**," you think as you realize it's Blake's necklace and that you accidentally haven't mentioned it to anyone yet.
  8. "_______, what is it? Because the expression on your face right now is like I just caught you red-handed. How come you didn't tell me about it? You know I'm the rule-breaker extraordinaire," Cory says. Slowly, you take the heart pendant out from under your shirt. The purple color swirling within it is so vibrant that it appears to pulse. "Secret admirer, ______?" Cory questions, "Come on, give me all the juicy gossip, _______."
  9. "Well... it's... from Blake," you confess, "Don't tell the others yet, I was getting around to doing it myself." "_______!" Cory exclaims, "You're giving me a run for my rule-breaker title. I mean... Blake, really?" "Well, it's only a necklace," you say quietly, "I was going to bring it up eventually, but I don't think it's that important. Please don't tell anyone yet, Cory." Cory sighs, "There are so many things that could be wrong with that necklace."
  10. "Yes, but if something was, don't you think something bad would have happened already?" you argue. "Fine, _______, I promise I won't say anything about it, but... I do have a couple conditions first," Cory says. "What kind of conditions?" you ask warily. "First, you have to promise that you will tell the others yourself about that necklace," he tells you. "Okay," you agree, "I promise. Now-" Cory cuts you off, "Hey, wait up, I have a second condition. My second condition is you let me do one thing without slapping me." You look suspiciously at him, "What?" "Agree or disagree, ______. I won't budge on this condition," he says. "Fine... I agree. You're taking advantage of the situation, though," you grumble. "I was hoping for that answer," Cory says, grinning slyly at you.
  11. Before you can say anything else, he pushes you slightly so that you're lying on the sofa and leans in, kissing you on the lips. He mouth lingers just above your lips as if waiting for permission to continue, but you lightly push him away and sit up. "That was your one thing," you tell him sternly, "Don't be greedy and try to get more." Cory laughs, looking kind of pleased, "You gotta admit you liked it, though, didn't you?" You cross your arms, "I don't have to admit anything." Cory traps you in a hug so that you're almost sitting on his lap. "But what if I want you to. How about I hold you hostage here until you admit it," he smiles at you.
  12. The sound of a door opening and closing makes both of you look up. Justin has just entered the room with 3 pizza boxes balanced on his arm. "Hey, you two..." he says awkwardly, taking in the sight of you wrapped up with Cory. "Oh, hey Justin. Need help with those boxes?" you say, hurriedly disentangling yourself from Cory and the blanket. In your rush, your foot gets caught in the blanket, and you would've fallen if it wasn't for the arm of the sofa. You look back at your leg, and Cory disentangles your foot for you, looking amused.
  13. You feel yourself getting a little red in the face. First caught by Justin in Cory's arms, now you can't even get up from a sofa gracefully. You move over to Justin and take two of the boxes setting them down on the coffee table. "What kind of pizza did you get, Justin?" you ask, diverting the conversation from you on purpose. "Oh, one is cheese, one is supreme, and the other is your favorite..." he replies.
  14. You get excited and dig into the food immeadiately. Justin and Cory laugh and follow suit, Justin sits to your left and Cory is on your right. After 4 slices of pizza, you fall back into the sofa, stuffed. Justin finishes up the slice he's eating and sits back too, but Cory reaches into a box and grabs another.
  15. "So Justin, how did it turn out with your parents?" you ask. "Well I'm here, aren't I? So either I got kicked out of the house or it went well," he smiles at you. You give him a look and joke, "Oh must be you got kicked out of the house because you're such a badboy." "Ah, you know me too well, _______," Justin laughs, "Yeah, I convinced my parents that you were going through some stuff and have been staying at Stella's. Apparently they were convinced about the urgency, because they're letting me stay as long as I like with you as long as I go to school and sleep at my house. Oh, they also promised to talk to your parents and the police, so you should be good."
  16. "Great, I like being safe in this house and all, but I'm dying to go out and do something unrelated to all this," you say. "Maybe we could go bowling like we were supposed to," Justin suggests with a smile and continues, "Anyway, has anything new been going on here?" Your mind starts racing, thinking that Justin is asking about you and Cory, but it turns out he's not because Cory answers him, telling him that Kris was now on room lockdown and that you met Marisa. "Her..." Justin says, seeming scared yet admiring at the same time, and he asks you, "What did you think of her?"
  17. "I don't know her much yet except that she looked like she was ready to rip me apart," you reply back. "Yeah... she gave me a death glare when I gave her a plate of salad last night when her pack arrived," Justin confesses, and Cory laughs, "Dude, she's a werewolf; we like our meat." "Yes we do," Marisa's voice comes from behind you, startling everyone and making them turn around. She's standing right behind you, leaning on the sofa. She bends down and takes Cory's pizza from his hand with her teeth. "Oh and you can't go bowling, _______," she adds, and starts to walk away while eating the pizza, as if nothing happened.
  18. "Why?" you demand. "Oh, you're on house arrest, _______, limited to the house and the backyard with supervision," she explains, not even turning around, "Cory, training in an hour, bring _______. Oh and _______? I wouldn't rip you apart; it'd cause too much of a mess in the guest room."
  19. "Wait, I'm training with her?" you ask Cory. "Yeah... it's to find your werewolf side. I was supposed to do that, but Marisa found out and took over since according to her I'm a newbie and not even a 'real' werewolf," he answers. "She's going to kill me," you groan. "She wouldn't dare while I'm there," Cory laughs, "If it comes down to it, I'll distract her by skipping a step in my obstacle course; she always catches me..."
  20. "I guess I should go shower and change," you say, but you don't move yet because it's so comfortable on the sofa under the blankets. "I guess you should," Cory repeats, and he grins at you as he continues, "But don't get caught in the blankets now." You stick your tongue out at him as you stand up and stretch. "See you two later," you tell Justin and Cory. "Okay, _______, I'll be in the library if you need me," Justin says as he gets up as well. "I'll be in the kitchen... like most times," Cory laughs, "I'll come get you at your room in about an hour."
  21. You leave the guys and walk up to your room. Stella is sleeping in your bed, so you quietly go to the closet to pick out some excercise clothing which there seems to be a decent amount of. Then you go into the bathroom to take a nice, warm shower. When you get out you put on the clothes you chose which was:
  22. While you wait for Cory, you decide to read a book, so you wander over to the bookcase and browse through the titles. A lot of the books seem to be classics, but there are a lot of fantasies too. You close your eyes and pick a book at random. The book is called The Fallen by Thomas Sniegoski and the cover of the book is a shirtless guy with black wings... looks good enough to you, so you curl up in the armchair and begin to read.
  23. You're so caught up in the book that, when you hear the small knock on your door, it startles you. Cory's head pokes in the room, "Time to go, _______." He brings you downstairs and into that hallway off the living room again, except he opens the single door instead of the double doors you opened earlier. You enter to room to see darkness...
  24. Some guy descriptions: Justin: Your best friend, brown hair and eyes, a bit skinny-looking since he's quite tall. Loves reading books and joking around with you. No magical background and a bit klutzy.
  25. Cory: Black hair, bluish-green eyes, fit but not overbuilt (yes, abs). A flirt, bit of a bad boy feeling to his personality, and laidback. Been with the team for only 3 months. A werewolf heritage, but has vials of potion to go into a fallen angel form.
  26. Kris: Jet black hair, gray eyes. Reserved, quiet personality, a bit of a romantic, tends to keep emotions inside, the type to risk himself if someone he cares for needs help. A vampire/fallen angel heritage, but is ashamed he desires blood. A telekinetic and healer, second-in-command to Jack.
  27. Jack: Brother of Stella and son of Luna, dirty blond hair, bright blue eyes, seems older/more mature (around 17-20). Confident, a little overprotective, a go-getter (does what he has to to get a job done), yet he can be laidback and likes to joke around. An elf/fallen angel heritage, leader of the team, missing his right wing. His power is to sense when people are around and who they are.
  28. Blake: Cousin of Jack and Stella, platinum blond hair, bluish-gray eyes. Leader of the "bad" side, has a fallen angel/vampire heritage. Seems very romantic and dramatic, slightly bitter towards Jack and Luna, yet not Stella. Gave you a heart shaped pendant that sometimes glows and gets hot and cold at odd times. Mysterious because you don't see how he can be evil since he's been nothing but sweet towards you.
  29. Logan: A commander of Blake's that you've, unfortunately, gotten to know quite well. Bright red, spiked hair with streaks of black (think anime spiked), dark gray eyes with dark red-violet splotches of color that almost blend into the gray, muscular build. A werewolf/vampire mixture, leads a large group (20-30) of werewolves. Has a temper, violent, is a bit sadistic, and has a large ego.

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