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Welcome to the prologue of my second story quiz: "The Origin". This story is going to be based off of some roleplaying I have been doing with a friend, but with a twist! So if you are into romance, supernatural, action, adventure, and drama, then this is the story quiz for you!

The Origin is about three families of witches: the Cohans, Penriths, and the Banisters. They work together to escape the restrictions on magic by sacrificing everything they have. This part is short and sweet, only relieving some main characters that are going to be playing a role throughout this story through the point of view of one of those "main".

Created by: rvelez
  1. Father always told us that one day we were going to be set to play a role in the world, and I couldn't for the life of me get a hold of a single piece of abstraction that old bloke managed to screw into my innocent mind. We were tiny vessels waiting for a "hurrah!" and for what exactly? Well, at least for me, I didn't quite knew what I wanted yet.
  2. "That's easy!" Little Benjamin would cheer in the past, "I want to be a powerful witch just like father! Maybe I can be stronger! Stronger than mother, stronger than Mavriki, and stronger than Oscar!" And our dearest older brother; Jack Oscar Banister, whom was on his way to secondary school, would correct the poppet: "Witch is the term for gals. I believe you mean warlock?" And of course Benjamin wouldn't dare bellow under his breath at his dear brother, because you see, the obedient nipper was the respectful soul among the brood. He looked up to Oscar, and he was father's little angel. Then there was me. I was only one year and five months older than him, but he managed to do a quick stop to "everybody's little favorite" town right before I could.
  3. "That must have been lonely."
  4. "What?" I paused, pivoting on my heels to face the friend before me. She had her dark hair up in a clean slick ponytail, and she was dressed up professionally, her choice of a stale grey pencil skirt and blazer to match along with it. She was rather ravishing to take in and that's when I noticed she was wearing her specs. "Heh," I breathed out, "No matter. That left me the opportunity to be whatever I wanted to be. With sweet innocent Benjen and intelligent Oscar taking their places, I then realized my once lost role was to be the disobedient and cheating laddie."
  5. "Yeah, I see," She started, gracefully crossing her legs as she wrote down my words. "And look where that got you." Aspen was daring and sardonic, but even she couldn't break me down. No one could really. When I first met the lassie, I was climbing out the old wretched bus that dumped me at the front entrance to the bloody camp. My only companion was Atlas Margery Cohan, a witch friend I have known for years.
  6. "Welp," I grumbled, eyes making way at the name of the camp. "Looks like the big boss suggested us a crappy hell of a camp to reside in, though I think I find more pleasure in well thought out attempts of suicide." Atlas scoffed and rolled her green eyes at me. "You know," She began, struggling to get off with her luggage. She almost tripped down the steps during the process, and she dropped the bags down at her feet, taking in the poised and polluted air of the campside. "I couldn't remember which Banister brother was the one who complained a lot. I remember now."
  7. "You would do well to keep that smart mouth closed." I shot back, and with that, we were greeted by Aspen who was accompanied by two laddies. "Hey, you must be Mavriki Banister and Atlas Cohan. I was the one who got your call." She noted. "Ah, well, then at that case, I am sure you can send my dear brother a message back? Tell him that I'm gonna snap his neck when I leave this hell." I retorted, giving her my best crooked smile, but she wasn't amused by my dark humor and she raised her eyebrows in disappointment. "Yeah, that won't happen. Now follow me or my friends here.." She lifted both her hands up at the gentlemen on each side of her petite body. "..will make you. So be a good boy, yes?"
  8. At that very moment, I wanted to strangle her to death, but a part of me liked that sass. A part of me knew she would be the perfect toy. And a part of me knew she was going to be my ticket out of here. So I obliged.
  9. **That is it for the prologue!
  10. Stay tuned for part one! :)

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