Cloud one pt. 1

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Welcome to part one of Cloud one. Yeah, this was a quick release but it's here. ^_^ If you haven't read the prologue, Cloud one (Prologue) I suggest you read that.

Please also I'll love to hear what you think. And for those of you who read my other story quiz, I Know Your Secret, part twenty one will be out tommorow. ^.^ Enjoy.

Created by: rvelez
  1. Stop it, Cloud. Stop all of this. Grey eyes and wavy black coal hair is pretty much the best description I've heard. Every girl is talking about him and it's just so annoying! Stop! What's so awesome about that guy? He's human and normal just like the rest of us but y'all talk about him like he's a god. Like he can crack a smile and make everyone gasp and fangirl. Stop! Stop it all, Cloud.
  2. "Cloud?" I glanced up from my writing to see a group of girls, sitting in front of me talking about this Cloud. I growled lightly as a blonde giggled. "Yes, Cloud. I was at his dorm last night. Snuck in like a boss." She smiled, proudly. I rolled my eyes, not believing a thing. A brunettte gasped, "Did you two-" The blonde nodded, interupting her. "We kissed!" I was suddenly choked by air and they glared at me, rolling their eyes. "Well, is it that girl," The blonde started, twirling a strand of her hair. I closed my journal just as the bell rang and got up but her friends pushed me down. "Victoria, she's probably jealous." The brunette smirked towards the blonde, who I was guessing was Victoria. "She is. Too bad Cloud isn't interested in... those!" Her friends laughed and they walked out the room. I blinked back tears and got back up on my feet, picking up my journal.
  3. I walked out of the classroom and continue my walk to my dorm, which is the hall near the cafeteria. "This isn't no normal boarding school," I muttered to myself, taking out my keys. "It's not." A girl with pitch black raven hair whispered. She was sitting on the tile, knees brought up to her chest, leaning on her dorm's door. "It's not really a boarding school. At all. Not even close." She finished. I open my dorm's door, my eyes locked on her. "What do you mean?" I finally questioned. She just sat there, staring at the wall by my dorm, mouth half open.
  4. I gave her a look then entered, closing and locking the door. No roommate. Yeah... Who'll share a room with a weirdo like me? I threw my journal on the other bed and then plop down on my bed. "This is nice." I muttered sarcastically. I've never had company, and I don't have good friends here. I leaned back a little, closing my eyes. The worst thing is that people think I'm weird. Just because I vivid dreams and I claim they actually happen. I opened my eyes for a moment then closed them again. I suddenly got this image of a boy about the age eight, in my head. Lights flash and the boy struggled to get out of cuffs. His arms started to bleed, his body growing weak by each pull he made.
  5. I quickly snap my eyes open as I felt a gust of wind, run across the room. I glanced over at the window. Closed. I blinked then decided to do Ms. Stans project. With a push, I got up and walked over to the desk. I have to write a eight page report on something. Anything. Just something that I find intersting but there was nothing in my mind. Blank. "Ugh." I graoned, annoyed, and I smacked my forehead. Then that's when I heard it. A snicker.
  6. I spun around to face nothing yet I still choked out, "Hello?" Nothing. My mind is playing tricks on me and I'm going insane. I pulled the chair out and sat down, picking up my pencil. Weird.. I thought. Maybe some music will keep my mind off things.. I suggested, reaching over to turn on the radio but it wasn't plugged in. "That's weird... It's always plugged in!" I complained, too lazy to get up but I did anyway. I, with an attitude, plugged it in and returned to my seat. I glanced out the window. A man was picking up trash. With a bag in one hand and a candy wrapper in the other, he looked over at me and smirked. Perve.. I said mentally to myself as he left the veiw. I reached over once again and pressed the on button but it didn't turn on. "Huh?" I looked down and followed the cord. The plug was out.
  7. "Oh come on! You got to be kidding me!" I yelled, pushing away from the desk, getting up and kicking the chair over. "I swear I plugged that thing in!" another snicker came from the other side of the room. In the corner of my eye, I saw something on my bed.
  8. I quckly fished out my pepper spray and turned fully around, once again facing the nothingness. "No!" I yelled, running out the room. The halls weren't that long so I finally got to the end, taking a quick right turn and finally, expecting I would bump into someone due to my running, bumped into a tall guy.
  9. I thought I was going to fall until arms caught me before I can hit the ground. I didn't notice I had my eyes closed the whole time until I suddenly made eye contact with blue electric eyes. "Um... No running allowed here?" He finally managed to say, sarcastically. I rolled my eyes and tried to get back up on my own but he held me tight and close.
  10. "Can you, um.. I don't know.. LET GO?!" I shrieked. He winced and dropped me, making me fall down. "Ow!" I yelled, kicking him on the side of his right leg. "Heh, you're a vicious little gal, aren't cha?" He chuckled, helping me up once again. "Whatever.."
  11. "Get lost." I growled but he laughed and I got to admit, his laugh is the most adorable thing I've ever heard. "I'm not lost, hon. But if you are," He half turned around and pointed to a room. ,"there's the lost n found." He finished. My mouth dropped. "You got jokes." I scold, crossing my arms. He shrugged, stratching the back of his neck. "Thanks for noticing, heh. Anyways, I'm-" I cut him off by pushing him out the way, continuing to walk but I felt him follow close behind. "Ohohoh. Temper much?" I ignored him but he poked my side, a note of giggles escaping me. "S-stop that, person!"
  12. "Fine but let me interduce myself here." He insisted. I turned around. "Fine. Who are you?" He laughed. "That's quite nice to say to someone." I bite back a smile and rolled my eyes. "Then I guess I'll never-" Cold icy water hit me, running down chills down my spine and a couple of giggles erupted.

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