Cloud one pt. 3

Welcome to part three of Cloud one. Sorry for the late release. Writers block. I know all writers hate those.. :I but anyways, it's finally here! To me, it's short but I hope you enjoy it because you meet more guys. :3 I'm also moving this to Wattpad. I'm ThisWriter on there so yeah. :) xoxo

RECAP: You were going out to eat because you didn't wanted to eat the school's food. :P as you were walking, you noticed a figure following you in a trench coat. You are scared and well.. You don't know what to do. xD You stood there and it was hard to see the figure's face due to the shadows. Enjoy!

Created by: rvelez

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  1. The fact that he stopped when I did still creeped me out. His left foot slowly took a step, his eyes dead at me. Oh crap. I mentally panicked. My body grew stiff as he straighten his body. In his hand, was a knife. Light bounced off of it.
  2. I blinked and was suddenly pushed back into a bush. I yelped as a twig stratched my arm, leaving a deep wound. I cried out and tried to get up but my hair was caught up on something. "Ow. Ow. Ow." I cried, trying to intangle it. I stopped once I heard faint footsteps coming this way. 'Oh no..' I thought, freezing and hoping they walk off to the opposite direction but that didn't happen. A figure stood in front of me, staring down. The only thing I could see from them is their pale purple eyes. 'P-purple?' I asked myself mentally. The person reached out, untangled my hair and pulled me out of the bush. "Are you okay?" He asked, softly. I nodded, not sure if I should mention my arm. He pulled me under a streetlight examing me. I did the same as well. Only that he was checking if I was okay and me checking him out. Black coal hair with purple eyes. His body was lean and tall and he wore dark clothing. He took my arm, "Does it hurt..a lot?" He asked under his breath. His face didn't show any emotion.
  3. I shook my head, taking my arm back. "No.. I'm fine.." He eyed me and it was hard not to stare back at his eyes. "Where were you heading to?" He finally asked, calmly. I shifted, pointing down the street. "To that resturaunt." I replied. He glanced down, biting his lip. "Alright. You know you aren't suppose to be walking alone at this time, right? Especially girls like you." He scanned his eyes up and down. "No. I didn't.." I scoff. He turned around and walked away, not looking back.
  4. I sighed and decided to go back. I wasn't that hungry anymore so I did so. I pushed open the door, checked back in and slowly walked back to my dorm. Everyone was laughing at me. Seeing that I had leaves stuck up in my hair and my clothes teared up a bit. I looked stupid. I finally opened my dorm's door and entered, slamming the door shut. That guy... Did he see that shadow? Did he see who pushed me in the bush? Was he the...shadow? I shook the thoughts away and sighed. Daisy's going to come. I need to relax before she explode with so many questions. I ran to the kitchen side and grabbed a cloth, wetting it. 'Hope she doesn't notices.' I squeezed the water out and pressed it against where it bled. I winced and pulled it away. "Ow. ow. This isn't going to help!" I dropped the cloth and grabbed another. This time, I wet the tip with alcohol. As I was going to press it against my skin, there was a knock on my door.
  5. I set the cloth down and trotted to the closet, pulling out a jacket. As I did so, I checked the mirror, pulling out the leaves and fixing my hair (to a much better way). I put the jacket on and headed for the door, openning it to see Daisy. "Sorry I came by early. Schedule changed for the whole week because of the party." I nodded, stepping aside so she'll go inside. I closed the door behind her and motioned her to sit down on my bed.
  6. "You don't look too good." She started, openning her notebook. I sighed, waving a hand for dismisal, "Long story." She looked up at me. "You always say that. You need to stop and tell me what's wrong from now on, alright? What are friends for?" She took out a mechnical pencil and then added, "And about that Tradee thing.." A smile pastered on her face and I laughed. "No. Anything but that, please."
  7. I sighed in relief as she huffed in defeat. "But can you at least tell me what happened to you? You look like you can be Mother Nature. She pulled out a small brown leaf and laughed. I rolled my eyes. "Daisy, you suck at jokes, m'kay?" She grinned and perked up, confidently.
  8. "Just tell me." She added, copying something down. I groaned. "Fine.. I saw something. Something pushed me in a bush. I met a guy. The end." I smiled, going back to reading what I have so far. But from the corner of my eye, I saw her jaw drop and her eyes widen. "Ugh. Daisy, it's not that big of a deal, okay? I'm not doing it aga-" "_____! Who could've gotton killed or something! Did the guy push you? Tell me every detail!" She pleaded, closing her notebook, folding her legs by her and looking at me dead in the eye. "No, Daisy." I got up with my notebook and headed to my desk but she followed, eyes like a scared cat's. "_____.. You better not be making this up. And if you aren't, tell me." I mentally, slapped myself. "Daisy. Get out. Now." I put a hand on my forehead, feeling lighthead and annoyed at the same time.
  9. She frowned, her body growing stiff. "I'm sorry, _____." And with that, she grabbed her stuff, and went out the door. 'I'm a terrible friend..' I thought. 'There goes my best friend, and my only, because I'm being paranoid.' I dropped my hand and placed my notebook on the desk, sighing. I have to tell someone about this. About everything that's been happening to be the past few days. But who? I suddenly smiled as I thought of someone. Tradee. "Yeah I just met him, but I feel as if he can help me." I muttered to myself. 'Something about him...'
  10. I turned around and screamed. There, on my bed, was a guy. He was glowing, eyes glued to the floor. "It's not mice to scream, _____." I blinked multiple times and went crazy, pulling on my hair. "Who are you?! What are you going here?! How do you know my name!" I yelled, close to tears. I backed away, grabbing the tennis racket that happen to be by my desk. He didn't look up and then the door flew open. It was a lady, one of the ones that check on everybody. "_____, what is wrong with you? Why the screaming? What happened? Who are you talking to?" She scold me, drowning me with questions. I ignored her, setting the racket down and glancing over at my bed. He was gone.
  11. "N-nothing.." I muttered. "There was this bug..." I lied. She looked at me, weirdly. "You were...yelling at a bug?" She sighed before leaving, not bothering to hear my reponse. I rolled my eyes, a bit annoyed by her attitude. "That was...weird.." I said to myself, walking over to my bed. Was my head? Wait. What? Was he just my imagination? He looked so...real. He looked angel. No. Nononononoo.. It can't be. I'm crazy. I'm really am. Listen, _____. I'm not your imagination, alright? I'm real. Don't freak out.
  12. My mouth dropped as I heard the voice in my head. That's when I was knocked out...
  13. ~There was a pause. The place was white.. Everything was white. I blinked, squinting my eyes. Right in the middle of a hallway was a door with a golden doorknob. 'I know I'm going to regret this..' I thought, turning the knob and finally stepping in. I was blinded by a light. Black and green tiles lead a long hallways. Fifteen doors on each side. The place was cold and I can actually smell some type of illness. I gulped, and walked down the hallway, glancing at each door. Each door had a name on it. Keith. Richard. Martin. Kayla. Joseph. Anna. Jack. Ro- I gasped at the last name. I couldn't even finish it.
  14. "_____! Wake up!" A voice pleaded. I flash my eyes openned. "Wah. Why? What? Where am I?" I blurted out. Tradee was kneeled down in front of me with a guy standing behind him. "_____, are you okay? How did you get here?" He asked. I blinked, sitting up. I was in the commons. On the floor. "What? I don't know.." I stammered. He stood up, helping me up. Flute told me you were here. I shot my eyes at the guy behind him. He waved, shortly, "Hi.."
  15. "Oh-ohh. Hi.." I muttered. "I'm guessing you're Flute?" I asked. He nodded. He had light brown hair with green eyes. He was a bit shorter than Tradee and he was skinny.
  16. "So are you going to tell me..." Tradee started but I looked away, tuning him down. My eyes caught up with a bunch of girls giggling, surrounding somebody. It was a guy. He pushed passed them, highly annoyed and the girls followed. What's up with thoses girls? I thought. The guy, ran a hand through his dark black hair, avoiding eye contact with everybody. He seem a bit depressed and furious. "Um.. What's up with those girls with that guy?" I blurted out, pointing over at the direction. Tradee and Flute both glanced over their shoulder then back at me. "Oh. Those are just fangirls.." Flute replied, rolling his eyes. Tradee chuckled. "Not just any fangirl. Heh. Those girls want some Cloud material." He added, laughing. Flute forced a weak smiled before, looking down.
  17. I nodded, slowly. "Oohhh. So that's Cloud, huh?" I muttered, staring at the guy, who sat down. Tradee nodded slowly as well, "Yeeaaahh. Why?" He finally asked. I shrugged and pushed by, walking over to the guy.
  18. As I got closer, he spoke up, "Don't come any closer." His eyes were on his hands. "I'm sorry.." I started. "I just wanted to see if you're alright.." He lifted his head up but his eyes were still on his hands. "I'm fine." He assured. I walked up closer. "You must be Cloud. I'm _____." I smiled, sticking my hand out. He slowly shook my hand and finally looked up. My dropped as I realized that it was the guy with the purple eyes.

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