Cloud one (Prologue)

Welcome to the prologue of Cloud one. This isn't like no other prologue, I'll go ahead and tell you that. x3 This is really short. This storyline happen to not leave my head so yeah. :3

Please read! This part or rather called "Prologue" is told in third person. I've never wrote anything in third person so if you see something out of order, you know why now. The other parts will be told in first person! (Since I'm better with first person. :P) Enjoy and I'll love to hear what you think.

Created by: rvelez
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  1. Jack looked up in agony. His eye lids suddenly felt heavy and his body started to weaken. "Come on, Jack. You can do it." Someone called but he was already pale and in so much pain. "He's dying! Do something!" One of the nurses yelled. The doctor glared at her. "He's fine! He's just going through some phrase. We can't help." A lady with brown, short and curly hair squinted her eyes. "Do you know what phrase?" She asked, hugging the doctor's clipboard closer to her chest. She watched Jack, her dying son. The doctor frowned. "No. It's unknown, ma'am."
  2. Ms. Quirro's eye watered. Her son was outside and he was attacted... By something. He usually comes back in less than ten minutes, just enough time for him to look at the stars, talk to himself and think, but he never did. In fact, after twenty minutes, she worried herself just enough to finally get up from bed, go outside, and to find her son on the ground, red liquid gushing from his arm and chest. The doctor cleared his throat, patted her shoulder and left. The two nurses followed close behind, leaving Ms. Quirro alone with her son. She dropped the clipboard, fell to her knees, and bawled next to the bed. "Curse that thing that attacted my son!" She sniffed, gripping the sheets.
  3. Jack's eyes were closed and his body was shaking. She carefully took his hand and whispered his name. If he did...die, she'll be a widow. A lonely women. She'll go crazy. Jack openned his eyes and squeezed her hand, making her look up surprised. "Jack! Are you alright?" He nodded, slowly, squinting his eyes a bit. Everything was blurry at first but his eyes quickly adjusted to the right light. "Mom," He started, his eyes teary. "The shadows.." She blinked a couple of times. "Sh-shadows?" Jack nodded and Ms. Quirro stood up quickly. "Jack.. Stop. Shadows can't hurt you." He stopped listening to her and stared right at the open door. He wanted to get out and at this point, he had enough of his mom not believing him. She probably though he needed to go to some mental hostipal. She did.
  4. The first thing he wanted to do, and quick, was to get out the place. His eyes never left the open door. Under the door frame, smiled a shadowy figure.

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