Butterfly Chapter 1 (Pielover511)

So this story is about... You know what? If you read the prologue, you should have some idea. Why should I tell you about what this is about? Just read it!

I mean, what's the point of these paragraphs? Take the quiz!!! Nobody reads these anyways. Nobody will ever read this!!! Grr!!! I hate descriptions!!!

Created by: pielover511

  1. I wake up with a start and look at the clock. It's 8:30. "Great," I groan. "I'm gonna be late for school." I rush to the closet and put on...
  2. I quickly comb my tangled hair and splash cold water on my face. I run downstairs and search for some cereal. My sister walks in in her pajamas and says, "What are you doing? It's summer, remember? School ended two days ago."
  3. Before I continue, I should introduce myself. My name's Katie. I live with my "mom" and my sister Cecelia, who prefers being called Cece. My real mom left Cece and I on a doorstep when we were kids. We're pretty happy, I guess. Cece's popular at school, so she's happy. The only downside to that is she's a flirt. I'm not popular, but I do have a friend. His name's Riven Sutherland. We take drama together. I do it for fun, but he wants to be an actor. And no, I don't like him. Well, I do, but as a friend. Even if I did, Cece likes him, but she likes a different guy every week. Anyway, back to the story.
  4. I groan. I got all worked up for nothing. The doorbell rings. It's Riven. Cece answers the door and bats her eyelashes at him. "Hi, Cece," he says. "Is Katie home?" "I'm here," I say. "Hi, Katie. Just stopping by. Oh, and this letter came for you." I take it from him and set it on the coffee table. "Why don't you stay a bit, Riven? There's a Blockbuster near here. We could rent a movie," says Cece, who is now twirling her hair. He laughs nervously. "No thanks. I gotta go." The door slams. Cece giggles. "Isn't he cute?" she asks. "Why don't you open your letter. Maybe it's from some guy." I laugh at that. "No guy would send me a letter." I frown when I read what it says.
  5. Dear Katie and Cece, You don't know me, but I'm your mom. I left you so you could have a better life. Look, I'm dying. The doctor sent me home yesterday. The chemo wasn't working. I only have a month to live. I want to see you one last time. If you don't make it before I die, happy birthday. -Mom
  6. "Is everything okay? Katie? Hello?" Cece says, waving her hand in front of my face. "Um, yeah. Hey, read this." She snatches it and starts reading. The smile slowly fades from her face. "Should we visit her?" I ask. "I guess," Cece replies. "But Mom would never let us."
  7. "So what are we gonna do?" I ask. She thinks for a second. The smile returns to her face. "What? Cece, what are you thinking???"
  8. She looks at me and says, "We sneak out tonight. We'll drive to Mom's. Go pack your suitcase."
  9. That night, we sneak out the front door and walk to Cece's car. Just as we're about to get in, a familiar voice says, "Katie? Cece? What are you doing?" We turn around and see...
  10. To be continued....

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