Butterfly Prologue (pielover511)

This story takes certain elements of my life and exaggerates them. I am a twin, and I don't know my mom. I was not left at a doorstep, though. My twin isn't as perky as Cecelia either.

Nor is my twin as flirty as Cecelia. In fact, she is nothing LIKE Cecelia. In case you were wondering, Katie is based on me, but my life is nothing like this story.

Created by: pielover511

  1. The night was starry. A gentle breeze blew through the trees, making the leaves rustle. The only person still awake on Palm Drive is a middle-aged woman holding two baskets.
  2. This woman can't take care of her newborn children, being as poor as she is. She has to find someone else to. After inspecting each house, she chooses a small but quaint house. They'll take good care of these two, she thinks.
  3. She carefully sets the two baskets down, rings the doorbell, and looks at her children one last time before running off.
  4. A woman of twenty-five opens the door, giving a small cry when she sees the two baskets. On each basket there is a name. "Cecelia and Katie," she reads out loud. She looks to see who left them, but they are long gone.
  5. So that's the prologue!!
  6. Sorry it was so short...
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  9. Stay tuned for Chapter 1!!!
  10. See ya!!!

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