Escaping Fate (prologue)

I really want to make a quiz series out of this idea for a story I have, but I dont want to make it if nobodies gonna read it so please state your oppinion in the comments!

The title says this is a prologue and I guess it kind of is but I didn't think people would read something titled 'Should I Make My Idea Into A Quiz Series' so I just put prologue because you do get o taste of what the story's about.

Created by: DevilishGoddess101

  1. Hey! I haven't been on gotoquiz in sense forever and I doubt anyone even remembers me! Well I hope you like my idea!
  2. Okay so first off do you like werewolves?
  3. Okay so first off do you like werewolves?
  4. Okay, do you like the idea of people trying to escape their fate/destiny?
  5. Okay I can change the story to be vampires and if you want me to do that tell me in comments! 'cause if enough people want me to make the change I will!
  6. Okay so do you like the idea of two people detained to be together, yet one rejects the other?
  7. So if this were a book here is what would be on the back cover. (Werewolf style) Aubry is always pushed around treated meanly in her pack, but when her mate rejects her it's the last straw. She runs away become a rogue wolf, but not for long. She assembles a pack of her own and they quickly increase in strength and number. Soon they are the strongest pack in America. Her life might seem perfect now, but what happens when her past catches up to her and her socalled mate wants her back?
  8. So if this were a book here's what you would read on the back cover. (Vampire style) Aubry has what she thinks is the perfect life, but it all gets flipped upside down when she meets Gale. Gale is a vampire and he'll do anything to get Aubry, his socalled soulmate as he puts it. But Aubry just wants to live a normal life, which is kind of hard when a vampire is watching her every move! Will she choose her own path or let fate decide what happens next?
  9. So if you want me to make this series please comment and say so, tell if you want werewolves, vampires, or something else! Thank you so much and don't forget to comment!
  10. Thanks again and bubi!

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