Kristine's Test Of Your Fate + Future

Do you want to find out your future? Do you want to find out your fate? Then this quiz is right for you. Madam Kristine will discover and tell you your future and fate.

I have a special crystal ball to look in and tell you your fate and future. Best of all, it's free. No paying intended. It is made for GIRLS ONLY, no males please. Thank you.

Created by: kristine_192
  1. Welcome to Kristine's Test Of Your Fate + Future! Are you ready to know what lies ahead of you?
  2. First question. Please pick very carefully, a symbol that represents you the most.
  3. What are you caught most likely doing?
  4. What is your favorite subject at school?
  5. Do you play for a local sports club or league?
  6. Do you like to sing or act? (dramatic arts) and want it to be your future career?
  7. What word describes you?
  8. Do you consider yourself smart EDUCATIONALLY?
  9. Now, dear child...please pick a future gemstone.
  10. Well, dear. I have one last enquiry I need to ask you to do. Please tell me what your name starts with.
  11. Do you have a middle name?
  12. What month were you born in?
  13. Do you have any siblings?
  14. What does your last name start with?
  15. Now, dear, the task is complete. Are you ready to find out your fate and future, all into one package result?
  16. Please make sure you answered ALL of the questions. And please make sure you are NOT a boy. If you are a boy, LEAVE THIS QUIZ NOW. Thank you.

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