determine your fate how will you die

hi my name is jay, and a bunch of my friends are psychic you might even notice them in newspapers, this is no fake test i have written down what the stars are telling us dont be afraid to take the quiz

but beware for the outcome you might not want to read, so i wouldnt advise this for the more sensitive folk. this test was for my psychic friends to determine you fate in life and death, and in yourself too.

Created by: jade
  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. have you ever been to hospital
  2. have you ever seen or been in contact with the afterlife (ghosts)
  3. choose a symbol
  4. have one or some of your dreams literally come true?
  5. are you single married or in a relationship
  6. have you ever seen a picture in the stars or in water
  7. do you beileve in the ghosts
  8. do you travel in a car, train, bus or bike most of the time
  9. do you go to church on sundays
  10. choose a side

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Quiz topic: Determine my fate how will I die