How will I die?

Are you prepared to know your fate? Take this quiz and discover your destiny. This is not a hoax. If you are truly prepared to know the future, answer these questions and all will be known.

We all wonder how we will eventually die; but few know the future. Now, a world renowned astrologer has created this quiz to determine your fate. Take this quiz, if you dare.

Created by: michael
  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. Pick an element.
  2. Choose a card.
  3. What time of day were you born?
  4. What color are your eyes?
  5. Do you fear the future?
  6. Choose a Tarot card.
  7. Pick a number.
  8. Have you ever seen a face in the moon?
  9. Have you ever seen a ghost?
  10. Is there anyone within 5 feet of you at the moment?
  11. Please close your eyes, and take 7 deep breaths. Did you do this?
  12. Are you prepared to know how you will die?

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