Lots of yes or no questions! :P

Are you bored? Are you prepared you waste your precious time on a nonsense quiz like this when you could be finding out how beautiful, or how much of a Potterhead you really are? Of course you're prepared! This quiz was made by me and my future family (I know, I know, I'm odd... :P), so you'll definitely take this quiz!

...Right? You will take it? You can't read through all of this then not take the quiz, that's just madness :P If you are reading this... Maybe, maybe not, my friend. Look, I know I'm rambling on, and I know my quiz goes on for a pretty long while too, but go on, have a shot at it... TAKE MY BEAUTIFUL QUIZ! :P

Created by: Dan, Amy, Robin and Bea

  1. Do you wear perfume?
  2. Have you ever heard of the band Scouting For Girls?
  3. Do you need the loo right now?
  4. Do you like curries?
  5. Do you like tomato juice?
  6. Are you good at singing?
  7. Do you have a boyfriend/girlfriend?
  8. Do you like olives?
  9. Do you love music?
  10. Do you own a bunk bed?
  11. Have you ever kissed anyone properly on the mouth?
  12. Do you like Star Wars?
  13. Have you ever been drunk?
  14. Do you like robin redbreasts?
  15. Do you want a pet dragon?
  16. Do you like the colour yellow?
  17. Do you eat breakfast every morning?
  18. Are the majority of your friends girls?
  19. Do u ever use txt tlk?
  20. Do you get attracted to blondes?
  21. Are you a romantic?
  22. Do you class yourself as relatively goo-looking?
  23. Do you sleep curled up into the wall?
  24. Do you like the words 'feed' and 'fed'?
  25. Do you smile and laugh at least once a day?
  26. Are you embarrassed of your parents?
  27. Do you like Pepsi?
  28. Do you love chocolate cake?
  29. Do you often get food cravings?
  30. Do you like AC/DC?
  31. Can you ride a unicycle?
  32. Do you love horses/ponies?
  33. Have you ever been bullied?
  34. Have you ever done ballet dancing?
  35. Do you wear eyeshadow on a daily basis?
  36. Do you like horror movies?
  37. Do you have a dream catcher hanging above your bed?
  38. Can you play the guitar?
  39. Are you on Facebook?
  40. Do you genuinely think your school is a bad school?
  41. If you could change one thing about your appearance, would you change something?
  42. Do you play golf?
  43. Do you want/have children?
  44. Do you own a BlackBerry?
  45. Do you love hot chocolates?
  46. Do you hate it when correct spelling and grammar is not used?
  47. Do you dye your hair, or have you in the past?
  48. Have you ever played or sang infront of a live audience?

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