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  • Kirby, please take this quiz! =]
    [published: Jun 1, 2012]

    hey, kirby please take this quiz!! :D remember that this quiz is for you and you need to…

  • How beautiful are you?
    [published: May 29, 2012]

    There are many beautiful people in the world, but are YOU one of them? What does it mean to be considered…

  • Hey, it's Just A Quiz!
    [published: May 26, 2012]

    I need advice, filling it up with an unattractive title of the quiz, but I'm desperate for help. …

  • How much do you know about horses?
    [published: May 25, 2012]

    There are many smart people in the world who actually know things about horses. Horses are…

  • Would I date you?
    [published: May 22, 2012]

    Would I date you? …

  • DON'T TAKE THIS QUIZ!!! NO....I said...DON'T!!!
    [published: May 19, 2012]


  • What is your lucky symbol?
    [published: May 19, 2012]

    What are lucky symbols? Lucky symbols are very special...well, symbols in life which are supposed to…

  • Are you a show-off?
    [published: May 17, 2012]

    There are many show-offs in the world. Generally speaking, a show-off is someone who is awfully conceited to…

  • Can you make friends easily?
    [published: May 15, 2012]

    Friendship- Ah, that is one thing that is important and definitely needed in one persons life.…

  • The Fun Howrse Quiz
    [published: May 12, 2012]

    Howrse is a fun online game where you can breed virtual horses and run your own equestrian center for free.…

  • Which animal will you be in your afterlife?
    [published: May 11, 2012]

    Hello, and welcome to my Animal Afterlife quiz. Have you wondered, if afterlife…

  • What song describes your mood right now?
    [published: May 10, 2012]

    There are many people thinking about their schoolwork and homework, whereas other people…

  • By The Riverside Part 1
    [published: May 8, 2012]

    Hello, and this is my first story quiz! Can you please take this, it would really mean a lot to me, since…

  • All about me! :)
    [published: May 8, 2012]

    I am a girl. Okay, just so you know, this quiz isn't a quiz. No, no it's not. *sigh* don't you hate these…

  • Are you a cupcake?
    [published: May 5, 2012]

    There are many times when i feel very crazy, weird and random so i make a stupid quiz like this one for random…

  • Does your crush like you back? (Accurate)
    [published: May 4, 2012]

    Honestly, there have been many "Does he like you?" or "Does Your Crush Like You Back?"…

  • How smart are you?
    [published: Apr 29, 2012]

    There are many smart people in the world, but only a few true smart people, otherwise called "geniuses". Nerds…

  • Kristine's Test Of Your Fate + Future
    [published: Apr 28, 2012]

    Do you want to find out your future? Do you want to find out your fate? Then this quiz is…

  • Are you a decent GTQ user?
    [published: Apr 28, 2012]

    There are many people who are trolls on GoToQuiz. Yet, there are many people who are pervs. Yet, there…

  • Are you good at soccer?
    [published: Apr 28, 2012]

    Soccer is one of the best sports in the whole world. Only some people are good at soccer. And other…

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  • Everyone's beautiful...
    "I agree true beauty is in the inside, not outside, but you seem to have overreacted there, Kirby :D"
  • "O_O"
  • "There is definitely something wrong with you, Kirby."
  • "WTF u weirdo... -__- lol jk RAINBOWS....are actually pretty nice :D"
  • Love
    " I'm confused O_O are you Alejandro or you or.... *self destructs because of self-confusion*"
  • What is love?
    "Idk was being random :O I'm bored so I'm just posting random s--- :P I asked my cousin, "What is love?" and she replied with "
  • "My reply to PurpleCherries: 1. As I said before, it's basically a mix of gymnastics and dance. You'd rather spend the expenses on tho"
  • "Want me to continue on? Trust me, I just read it today."
  • "Sophia, it's not complicated. Trust me. Very easy once you become competent with it. Rational skills of the head. Anyway, I'm"
  • "We're not finished yet explaining! The chemical reactions also play a major role for the society of our breathing. Overall, CO2 is a weak el..."
  • "Kirby, that "scientific nonsense" is actually quite interesting and fascinating stuff to learn. The reason why we can't really get a break f..."
  • " Good luck. There's a scientific explanation for everything. It is scientifically possibl"
  • "Kirby, you could not have been that stupid, can you? The song was supposed to rhyme and bring out a good tune. Not to give yo"
  • "Ellie M, do you watch My Little Pony? Pinkie Pie? Cupcakes? lol Imma team cupcakes as well! xD"
  • "^^ I love Justin Bieber as well xD (regarding to your username)"

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