All about me! :)

I am a girl. Okay, just so you know, this quiz isn't a quiz. No, no it's not. *sigh* don't you hate these paragraphs things it's so annoying. oh well...

well, you can take this "quiz" if you want, but if you don't, then don't...yeah :) of course, if you, i hate these paragraphs well okay anyway..

Created by: kristine_192

  1. My name is Kristine. Or you can spell is Christine :)
  2. I'm aged between 10-15.
  3. Brown hair, brown eyes... Russian X Asian is my family's background but im born in Australia!! :D
  4. I love sports!!!!! mainly soccer and tennis!! least favorite is american football >:
  5. i play soccer for a club league and for my school!!
  6. I love animals! Mainly cats and horses!
  7. im single... but not it should matter im too young anyway!!
  8. Favorite shows: My Little Pony FIM, Merlin BBC, The Simpsons, Futurama and Glee
  9. Favorite cartoon characters are: Phillip J Fry (futurama), Applejack (my little pony fim), Rainbow Dash & pinkie pie(my little pony fim) and lisa simpson
  10. i play the piano and violin!!!
  11. i love SPORTS, music, singing, more sports, skateboarding, figure skating, baking cupcakes, candy and My little pony
  12. idk why i made this "quiz"........... just....for bye!

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