Am I annoying to people

There are many things that identify someone as annoying. This quiz is to see just how annoying you really are. Someone who is annoying is someone you don't really wanna be around. Hopefully you aren't one of them!

Are YOU annoying? Do you have the traits and do the things that people hate the most? Until now you could only wonder. Now you can find out by taking this quiz!

Created by: Gillian
  1. do you interupt people?
  2. Do you argue with people even if it is over something very minor?
  3. Do you talk too much about one specific subject?
  4. Do you mock people?
  5. do you chew with your mouth open/do you smack?
  6. Do you respect peoples personal space?
  7. Do you continue to do things when people have asked you to stop?
  8. Do you listen to your teacher's or parent's directions?
  9. Do you take/borrow people's things without asking?
  10. How loud would you say you are?

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