How Annoying Are You?

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This quiz should hopefully try describing you as people think maybe your annoying maybe your not so you CAN try this quiz or you CAN listen to the people who say different.

Most people think different things if your annoying or if your not. So take this quiz to see how much annoying you are and how much they're right! So come on see how much you are!

Created by: Applez

  1. How many friends do you have?
  2. What are you most likely to say right now?
  3. Are you social?
  4. Hello? Are you still here?
  5. Are you alive?
  6. What would you most likely be doing right now if you could?
  7. How annoying would you say you are?
  8. Are you still living at your parents house?
  9. What's your bff's fav color?
  10. Goodbye.

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Quiz topic: How Annoying am I?