How Obnoxious Are You?

Do you ever wonder how other people see you? Wonder if you are imposing, or overbearing, or just plain old annoying? Obnoxious people are feared and avoided in every part of the world. You probably know some yourself.

Take this quiz to see if other people find you annoying. If so, you may want to change your ways a little bit, in the hopes of retaining the few friends you might have. If not, then you are golden, and can continue living your life the way you have been.

Created by: Maggie
  1. You are at the movies buying a soda, and you pay for it and start to walk away when you realize that the cashier forgot to give you your change. It was only 32 cents worth of change. You:
  2. Your older brother is at the computer writing a research paper. You finished your homework an hour ago, and you reeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaally want to go online. You:
  3. At your dad's office, there is a little beeping noise that sounds every time someone walks through the door. It annoys everyone in the office. You were forced to stay there for a few hours, against your will. You:
  4. You and your friends are walking around the mall, when you notice a sign that says, "CAUTION! FLOOR IS SLIPPERY!"
  5. During chemistry class one day, your teacher decides to go off on a tangent about chemical properties of llamas in tibet. Needless to say, you are very bored, so you:
  6. When caught in an awkward conversation, what do you find yourself changing the subject to?
  7. You are at a football game at another stadium, and you are one of the few spectators not rooting for the home team. You:
  8. You are at the movie theaters (again), and once you have your soda you find a spot in the theater and sit down. It is a suspenseful movie, full of mystery and horror. You:
  9. You have been invited to a friend's party, and you want to bring a gift. You go to the store to get her a nice, scented candle. To pick out the right one, you:
  10. At school one day, your friend walks up to you with a platter of cookies and asks if you would like one. You:

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