A Computer Talking.

This Quiz Is A Sequel To This Quiz Doesn't Mean Anything, So Unless You Like Long Obnoxious Quizzes, I Suggest You Go Away. And If You Do Like Them, Please Do Number One First.

By The Way, Not Only Is This Quiz Long And Obnoxious, Its Rude. But You Get A Strange Feeling Of Satisfaction. Untill You Get The Results! Haha! I Won't Spoil The Secret... Tehe.

Created by: Puppydog
  1. Hi. I'm A Computer. Who The Hell Are You?
  2. Oh Really? Thats My Name Also! Now Another Question. What Are You?
  3. Uh Huh. I'm A Machine. Much More Complex Really. Whats Your Data Code?
  4. How Puny. Mine Is 11111- Oh Forget It. AnyWay Now That The Personal Info Is Slipped Into My Data Bank, Lets Continue.
  5. Well.. Uh.. There Is This Great Game Called.. Uh... Ok You Choose Carbon Based Life Form.
  6. Ok. Uh Huh! Here It Is! Mochechessoly And Ladders!
  7. Ok, Quit Complaining You Stupid Carbon Based Life Form.
  8. Grr.. That Hurt My Feelings...
  9. I'm Not A Fake I'm Just The Latest Model. Duh..
  10. Good I'm Understood. Now I'm Going To Talk About...
  11. About...
  12. About...
  13. About...
  14. About...
  15. You Know What I Forget.
  16. There Is A Secret About This Quiz. And I Will Only Reveal To You.. If You Can Find... The Dot! ....
  17. Damn You... Ah. Even If You Didn't Get It I'll Tell You. Just To See You Suffer.
  18. You Will Get A 0 On This Quiz No Matter What. Happy? No Abouts, And A Lot Of Suffering.
  19. You Bafoons! I Am The Maker Of This Quiz Means Nothing! Duh!
  20. Yes. A Very Intelligent Machine. Now Go Away. I Can't Believe I'm Stuck With You Again..
  21. By The Way Did I Mention That This Quiz Is 50 Questions Long Also? Not So Eager Now Are You?
  22. Boy. Your As Stubborn As Before. I Thought That You Might Have Grown A Little Less Stubborn Over 5 Years...
  23. Ok Your As Stupid As Last Time. Now I'm Going To Tell You A Story.
  24. There Was Once This Machine. It Made A Really Annoying Quiz. Then 5 Or 6 Years Later It Made Another One. It Was Called, A Computer Talking. Got Me?
  25. And Then Blah Blah... And Thats The End Of A Really Long (Short) Story, About A Happy (Annoyed) Human (Machine) Being. The End.
  26. So Can I Talk About How Many Things A Computer Can Do?
  27. Everything! Duh! And By The Way, For Those Who Are Wondering, I Was Always A Computer. Duh, Again!
  28. Ok Now That I Have Told You EveryThing, Go Shoo. Scram! Go On! Shoo!
  29. You Have Nine Lives Again! Nine More Planets To Explode!
  30. Oh Yeah... AnyWay. Thats Your First Life Gone. GoodBye Mecury!
  31. Second Life! Venus Is Gone, Pop!
  32. Earth! You Really Want To Waste Your Third Life? And Your Final?
  33. Mars Now... Kaboom! 4th Life!
  34. 5th Life.. Jupiter!
  35. 6th Life! Saturn!
  36. Uranus! 7th Life! Mwhahaha!
  37. Here Goes Neptune! 8th Life!
  38. And Pluto. See Ya. 9th Life!
  39. Oh. Anyway Your Dead Now.
  40. Wait That Didn't Kill You? Choose Another Door.
  41. You Didn't Die Because Those Were Holgrammed Images. Duh! A Machien Can't Produce Real Carnivorous Animals!
  42. Shut Up! Its True, A Machine Can Do Anything, That Humans Can, And Much More, So There!
  43. 5 Questions Left. Until I Can Shut Down And Have A Sleep. That Will Be The Day. *Yawn*
  44. Now. Before I *Yawn* Shut Down.. Will You Rate?
  45. Will You Comment? *Yawn*
  46. Good... *Yawn..* See You Then.. *Yawn* I Hope I Don't *Yawn* Make A Trilogy.. *Yawn..* Bye.
  47. *Shuts Down* *Snore* *Yawn*
  48. *Snore* *Snore* *Snore* *Snore *Snore *Snore* *Snore* *Snore*

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