What Computer Are You?

What computer serves you the best? Take the test, and find out.

Do you spend every waking moment with your computer? Do you understand how it works? Or do you simply type and know the commands you know?

Created by: John Walsh

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  1. A computer is?
  2. When you upgrade, or update your computer, whats first?
  3. When you buy a computer, you listen to the sales person and ask questions?
  4. When you purchase a computer, your price range is?
  5. When you buy a computer, you think of....
  6. You buy a computer for...
  7. The latest tech for computers comes from...
  8. Your computer breaks, do you?
  9. Online is more real to you than "offline"?
  10. You spend how much time on the internet (weekly)?

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Quiz topic: What Computer am I?