The Amulet part 2

Okay, this is the sequel to part one! Yay! Woo hoo! Cheer! Eh, whatever. Oh yeah, thanks AnaisVogueLover for your comment! Sorry this quiz took so long to make. The computer had something wrong with it and it loaded do SLOW!!!!!:/

Recap- You, aka Eva Robinson, just found out that you are the granddaughter of The Conquror's, the cult's enemy and you have to rescue Earth and the Universe-with their help of course. Read on to find what happens next!

Created by: Mythologyfreak
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  1. You wake up from your sleep and look outside your window. It's dark, and suddenly you realize your uncuffed. You thank the boys profusely in your head for releasing you. Then, you see an envelope on the lamp stand beside your bed, and written in pure script on the top is "Open Me." You take it and tear it open. You unfold the paper inside and it says, "Had quite a shock, haven't you, Eva? How about come downstairs for dinner. We can clear your confusion." You put it down and go to the bathroom and do what you need to do. Then you leave your room.
  2. You are amazed. The house looks like an an ancient Victorian mansion. It looks very old, and modern, and it's huge and beautiful. The hallways are like a big labyrinth, and you get lost. On your explores, you find a library that holds all the books in the world. You think of this as your favorite place. You find a tech room, filled with gadgets and devices that were so cool you couldn't describe it. You find the arts and literature and pretty much learning room. Last, you find the practice arena. It's about the size of a basketball stadium. Spears, bows and arrows, maces, swords, battle-axes, and many more unrecognizable weapons lay scattered across the floor. Finally, you find the dining room. They boys are all staring at you. What do you think?
  3. The boys only say,"You are late." "Yeah? So?" you say. "Well, we have already finished eating about two hours ago. You will train in the practice arena, as you have already saw it, with us, without dinner." What do you say?
  4. Whatever you think or say, you do it. Then, the boys get up in a graceful, fluid motion. They walk out of the room. You take this as a signal for you to follow them, and you glumly strode behind them as they navigate their way through the winding, endless hallways. Finally, you all reach the practice arena and you go inside.
  5. So, you go in and look around and admire everything around you. Suddenly, at the corner of your eye, you spot a sword gleaming brightly in the light. You bend down to reach for it when the dude with the blue and golden eyes swings his sword at you. You gasp and duck. The dude with the orange and brown eyes thrusts his spear at you. You tumble forward and grab the sword you were looking at. You ducked in the nick of time as the dude with the green and black eyes shoots an arrow at you. You got a chance to block the dude with the silver and white eyes with your sword. Like this, you kept training. You had to switch your weapon every thirty minutes. Sometimes, you had to fight with your bare hands against their weapons! What are you thinking?
  6. Finally, they stop. You double over and fall to the ground, panting and feeling very, very dizzy. When you feel better, you look up. They're all staring at you and smirking."Whaddyou want," you growl at them. They don't say anything. You sigh and say,"Can you tell me more about yourselves?"
  7. "Well," they start."Go on," you say. The one with the green and black eyes says,"I have the power of earth and space." The one with the silver and white eyes says,"I have the power of air and spirit." The one with the orange eyes says,"I have the power of fire and time." The one with the blue and golden eyes says,"I have the power of water and luck."
  8. You stare at them in awe. Finally, you groan and get up. You are hurt by the fact that they didn't help you get up, and that they trained you so suddenly. They chuckle and say,"This torture you are getting is all part of your training." You stare at them harder."Did you guys read my mind?"You ask."Well, as the keepers of the amulet, we have many, hmmm, how shall we word this, other powers." They smirk.
  9. "Oh,"you say."They nod."Eva, it is your own descision now. Would you like to continue training or stop, based on your experience? Yes, this is very hard for you. Your grandparents are our enemy, they are evil, and you have to go against them. However, you must choose for the good of mankind and the rest of the beings in the Universe. Would you like to continue?"
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