The Amulet part one

This is a story quiz. Your name is Eva Robinson and you are kidnapped by these weird dudes who are part of a cult that protects an amulet that holds the powers of the whole Universe. You soon realize that the fate of the Universe rests in your hands.

Part two is coming soon! Watch out for it! Comment and rate! It's gonna be a lot better than part one! Oh, and this part's results will show you whether you want to help the dudes save the Universe, whether you don't want to, or if you're mixed. Take the quiz!!!!!

Created by: Mythologyfreak

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  1. You are very bored today. You flip through the channels on your TV but they're all stupid and boring. You go to your refridgerator and see if there is something good to eat. All you see are some yogurt cups and other useless stuff. You go upstairs to your room. What do you do?
  2. Suddenly, you think you feel a prescense-no-make that plural. You slowly turn around and gasp at the sight behind you. There are four boys. One has red and brown eyes. Another boy has emerald and black eyes with white dots in it. The third boy has blue and golden eyes, and the last boy has silver and the rest of his eyes were white. They look like your typical emos-black hair and bangs, black hoodies, skinny jeans, criss-cross belts, black eyeliner and nailpolish and they're really muscular. You see smiles playing on their lips. They look exactly like eachother, despite their eyes. What do you say to them?
  3. Whatever you say, you said it. The boys ignore you and say,"Hello." You need to know who they were right now, because you can see your parents' car rolling up the driveway."Tell me who you are. Right now." In response, they squeeze your neck softly, but you can't breathe. The world blurs around you and your head throbs. Finally, you fall into their arms. You feel their hands pressing your body, trying to calm you down with soothing words, and finally, before you black out, what's your last thought?
  4. You wake up in what seems like an instant. You struggle to open your eyes. When you finally do, you see the same boys surrounding your bed. You try to lift your hands to punch them, but they're cuffed to the bed. You give up and you ask softly:
  5. "Well..." they started."Well?" you ask."We are a cult called The Keepers of The Amulet," they say reluctantly."We guard a small amulet that holds the power of the whole Universe. Being its protecters, we have the power of these elements-fire, earth, air, water, spirit, time, space, and luck. However, our enemies, The Conquerors, wanted to get hold of the amulet. They captured our families in the process, and while we tried to save them, we left the amulet unprotected. The Conquerors stole it, and we have to get it back before they use up its powers." What do you say?
  6. *assuming you picked first choice* "You, Eva, are the granddaughter of the king and queen of The Conquerors. You must help us defeat them, and get back the amulet. Otherwise, if you don't want to, you may watch Earth's power and the whole Universe's power drain. It is your choice." How was the quiz? Watch out for part two! Comment and rate!!!!
  7. Oh, wait, sorry... what's your favorite color?
  8. What's your hobby? (sorry, this quiz needs 12 questions. These have no effect.)
  9. Favorite piece of technology?
  10. Last question! Finally!

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