The Amulet part 3

Okay, so... this is the sequel to the previous quiz, The Amulet part 2. This quiz is a bit corny and stupid because I rushed at the end. I was busy with other things, so... yeah.

By the way, this quiz won't give you results on which boy you like.*you-awww.* Too bad. This isn't romance. This is complete thriller and action and suspense and mystery-the boys are here to protect the amulet and help you. They're not here to be liked.

Created by: Mythologyfreak
  1. My question-look, whoever's taking this quiz, I need your help. I'm not on facebook or twitter or myspace. I don't have many comments on these series, so if you're taking this quiz and if you're on any of those social networks... some help please?
  2. Anyway, you get up from bed. You're arms and legs and pretty much your whole body is still aching from last night's practice. You look at the clock beside you and gasp."F**king s***!" you think."It's six twenty five! I gotta be downstairs by six thirty!" you go to the bathroom and do what you need to do in two minutes. You run out and dash through the halls, madly looking for the dining room. You slip and fall but you get up, hardly feeling the pain. You don't want to miss another meal. How do you feel about your actions?
  3. You stumble into the dining room. You bend down and put your hands on your knees, panting heavily. You swallow from dehydration and look at the clock in front of you. It's six twenty nine. You keep panting but grin. You look at the elegant, polished wood table with a silk table cloth. The boys are smirking at you. They're already seated, but they hadn't yet started eating. Your cheeks burn so much that they can toast marshmallows. Which book did the quote I just wrote come from?(has effect!!!)
  4. You put your head down and walk over to your chair, still blushing like crazy. You look up after a few moments and they're all studying you. Like, looking at you up and down. They snapped their fingers and the breakfast of their choice appeared on their delicately woven mats. You stare at them in wonder and amazement. Food appears on your mat also. What's your breakfast?(no effect-or maybe?hehe:))
  5. You stare at your food greedily and gobble it up. When you're finally done, you lay back in your chair, your hand on your stomach. You're smiling with satisfaction. The boys had clearly eaten in a civil, mannered style. The orange and brown haired eyed dude pulled a cigar from his pocket, lit it, and smoked it a few times before the white and silver eyed dude nudged him with his shoulder. He began smoking it. Like that, they give eachother the cigar without fighting over it. Nobody spoke. You broke the silence by clearing your throat and exclaiming,"Um, isn't smoking bad for you?"you are a health freak, by the way. They all turn and look at you with those slitted pupils, like a snake's. Their stares are intense and you feel them boring through you. You slide back into your chair. Then you hear them say,"Smoking does no harm for us."You can hear the smiles through their voices."As we have told you, we have many powers."What are you thinking?
  6. "Now," they say."We must show you something.""What?"you ask."It is a necklace. The necklace worn by your grandmother, the queen of The Conquerors. Her necklace fell off during the last war. With a few clues, we have found out that if we solve the pattern on the necklace, it will show where The Conquerors are now. However, the pattern itself stumped us."
  7. "The pattern takes days to solve, and the pattern itself changes everyday. You are the only one who may solve it. We will take you there right now and show you." So they motion for you to follow them. You arrive at a room. You open it and in a glass case is the most dazzling ornament you have ever seen. It is made from every gem stone imaginable, especially gold. However, the pattern did look very difficult. Suddenly, you stand up stiff and straight. You break open the glass case and your fingers and brain are the only ones working. Your fingers are moving everywhere, putting stones in their respective places. Then, suddenly, that feeling goes away and you stand there, terrified.
  8. A screen pops up from the necklace and it shows a big forest. It's dark and gloomy. The trees are all dead. There are only dead leaves scraping on the cold, hard dirt. It seemed very dangerous.
  9. The boys looked at you and said,"This is where they are hiding. In the Forest of Death. It is filled with portals that may lead to a dangerous historic events, deathly spells that you can't avoid, and much much more."
  10. "You must choose. The quest starts from tomorrow. Would you like to go Eva? Please tell us. Right now." Comment and rate!

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