The Fallen part 15

Right, this is That Fallen Part 15! I do apologize for this late part once again, I have had school work and tests and random stuff going on since last time.

Thanks to those who take this, Who stick by me though I forget you guys (okay, I'm guessing the majority of you are girls). Okay recap - BIG fight with the guys, and They're all angry at Nathan.

Created by: DaynaC

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  1. Robby hangs up. And the guys get louder and louder. You decide to run back down, just to try and shut them up. Nathan is covered in blood, as is Will and Max, Ryan is unconscious on the floor.
  2. "Guys! What the Hell Are you playing at!?" You scream. "_____, he's a traitor! He deserves the blood!" Will yells back angrilly, you've never seen him like this before. "BUT RYAN DOESN'T!" You scream.
  3. Will looks slowly to Ryan's body, and then back to you, apologetically. "I'll stop, but I refuse to be near Nathan. And I stop for you, and ONLY you..." Will says as he walks out. Max looks to the bloodstained carpet, silently.
  4. "What about Ryan?" You ask Max, "I'll deal with him, you get some sleep, if you need to talk, you know where my room is," And with that, you know you need to leave, shortly followed by nathan. "Youstood up for me, thanks for that," He nods.
  5. "I did it for Ryan, I don't care about your history, I don't want him dead." You snarl and retreat to your room, where you fall asleep quickly.
  6. You sleep in until eleven thiry. You quickly get dressed and go downstairs before eating breakfast with Will, who's angry. "I understand it all," He says and continues, "You stopped me before I killed him, not because you necaserilly care for him as a person, but for the rest of us, so I don't kill them." "You have that much power over peoples minds?" You ask, "Yeah, you do too, but it happens rarely and usually only the greats can do it, but I've done it once, I meesed with one guys mind so muc, he became secretive enough to trust me and only me, in fear. I told him everything and he understands it now." Will says
  7. "It was Max, wasn't it?" You ask after a long pause, "Yeah, it was, but he's open to you now, maybe it's because you're a psychic..." Will says
  8. "Or some other reason..." You say, and he looks at you deeply, he knows what you mean, and he doesn't like it. "It isn't that, trust me..."
  9. Max comes in, sense the tension and gets a drink quickly. Will sends you a thought, "He doesn't like you in that way, get over it," Your reply is -
  10. whatever you chose, will replies, 'Be careful, If Leria comes, she'd sense us,' 'I don't care,' You say. Max slams the glass on the counter and it shatters, "Shut up! Please! I can feel you argue!" You leave as the dorrbell rings.
  11. And... That's a wrap for this chapter! I'll make the next one soon, *I can't promise you anything though* have fun!

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