The fallen part 10

hi, this is part 10 of my fallen series. I hope you enjoy it, but I'm sorry f it's bad. I made it in like...half hour (not long for me). So, yeah, hi, whats been happening, and bye!

Comments ---- Hahaha, hi. Fans of my quizzes, I'm sorry to tell you this, but I feel I truly must! THESE - GUYS - ARE - NOT - REAL! I WILL make a quiz about guys I know though.

Created by: Dayna

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  1. You hear footsteps and see someone run away. Will is in pain, he collapses and you scream. You take your phone from your pocket and look for one of the guys in your contact list, you find max first.
  2. You call him. "Hello?" He answers in his not-careing tone of voice. "WIL' NEEDS HELP! HELP! AROUND CORNER MAX!" You scream in panic and hang up. You take off your jacket and soak Will's blood with it. Max comes a bit later.
  3. He heals Will, but he's still unconscience. "" You sob. "No time, I'll carry Will to a safe place. Leria was looking for you and she's pissed that you ran."
  4. Max carries Will and you follow him. Your in a forest, alone, miles away from that street. "Look, ____. I know I've not been great, but...I..." He begins, "I love you. I know it sounds pathetic."
  5. He leaves you but before he goes he says, "I know Will's a good guy. Oh, by the way, Ryan might call you." Just after he leaves you and will, who's still unconscience, Ryan DOES call.
  6. "_____?" He says, "Where are you? It's late." "Oh, um...Ryan, I'm..." You stutter. "Your leaving us aren't you? You're going to your home, right?" He sighs. "No, I...Will and I-" You start.
  7. "Will? He's with you?!" He says angrily. "Ryan! It's just," You look around you, to find you all alone with will, "I'm on the run, ok?" You hear a sigh down the phone "Ok, Nathan misses you." Then you hear someone near ryan say 'Ry, come back Ry! Don't waste your time over some girl!' ans they hang up.
  8. Will comes to, "____, where are we?" He says weakly. "A forset Max lead us too." You get that full-body tingle again that makes you unable to look from Wil's eyes. He looks confused and laughs.
  9. "I tingle when we talk." You tell him. "I know, I see you shiver. I haven't been the same since...our kiss." He admits. You both laugh. How badly do you want to kiss him?
  10. You get up, and walk off into the night together. You can read someones mind, two people really. The first is 'I miss ____' the second is 'Why did I say that?'

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