The fallen part 8

Hey guys, Sorry about the delay, School, guitar practice, friends and laziness got in the way! This is Part 8...or 7...I dunno. Anyway enjoy this, and read paragraph 2, it's good, promise!

Okay, so you know me, and i know some of you, and we ALL know the guys! Anyway, comment ideas on improvments or opinions on the guys or the quiz or stuff. Questions are good (my account name is XxBubxX).

Created by: Dayna
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  1. You answer the door, and it's Leria. You see her more clearly now. Her eyes are misty and a grey-violet, her hair is jet black, she's wearing black 3/4 length combats and a green top.
  2. "Hello...I need the other Fallen kid!" She said. You call for him. Will comes. "Who are you?" He asks. "Leria, I know what you two are. So, you have three days to get ready before I come back!" "Ready for what?" Will asks. "To come with me!"
  3. She leaves. "Will, what are we going to do?" You ask him. "Come with me." He said and you two leave the house. You go to the treehouse. "Come on, tap into my mind. Read my thoughts!" He says.
  4. You try, but failed. "Will, I can't!" You say. "Try again," you did but you could see in his face his thoughts changed. It changed to when you first came. You think 'Will, hello?' he puts a thought into your head 'sorry'.
  5. You sit there for ages, learning. Will knows you have learnt LOADS! "My plan is to run away, we'll find out why she wants us before we go." You nod. You both go in.
  6. Ryan's by the door, "____, I'm sorry about the other day..." He sighs and you see Max smile as he comes down stairs and walks into the sitting room. Will walks past you, and you go to your room.
  7. You go to Max, "Max, Why so happy?" You ask. "huh? Oh! It's nothing." He smiles and reads his book, To your upmost suprise it's Harry Potter & the Deathly Hallows!
  8. "Almost Finished it then?" You ask, "Re-reading..." He says. So you guys talk about Harry Potter for ages, what one your fave book is. What is it?
  9. "I like Number three, It's so mysterious." He smiles, you laugh. "DINNER!" Ryan calls. You go into the dining hall. Will looks conserned Nathan has a bag under the table, Max is still reading, Ryan is eating...
  10. You finish eating and Ryan says to you, "You don't by any chance like Rock, do you?" "Yeah, I do. Why?" You ask (you now like rock.) "I got some tickets to a local concert, but I don't like rock, wan't them?" He asks, you nod.
  11. Will sends you a thought 'Pack soon, we're going in two days!''But will, Shouldn't we tell the guys?' You send through the mind...

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