Story of my Life - Part 5

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Hey guys, this is the last part of Story of my Life, so sorry guys, but I will make a sequel, don't worry, please comment on sequel names, and I might just choose one of them.

So, when you finish this, go read Rise of the Guardian, because it carries on with Maple, but you might want to read the Guardian first to get to know the people ;) Shoutouts to ghettobabe4ever and Weirdhead, go read their awesome quizzes!!!

Created by: Houndlover
  1. ***Maple*** "We have to go look for him!" I cried. "Maple, you've done so much for this world. I've already alered Lexi. She's sending agents as we speak. You should show Henry around," Carly pauses to wink. "You know, bond with some creatures. Maybe I can give him a whistle when he finds his creature calling." she whispers in my ear.
  2. "Henry?" I ask. "Yes Maple?" He says as he looks into my eyes. I could feel warmth returning to my cheeks. "Do you, umm, do you wanna go see some mythical creatures?" "As long as I'm with you, I want to do anything," he replies. He starts leaning forward. "Ahem," Carly coughs.
  3. ***Henry*** I could feel my cheeks turn red. "Well, ladies first!" I said bowing to Maple. She giggled and I knew today was the best day of my life.
  4. ***Liam*** I open my eyes, and see a tall women with long wavy blond hair in front of me. "Hello Liam," she says. "W-who are you? Where am I? Are you working with D.J.? Where is he? Why-" "Slow down!" she interrupts. "I'm Lexi, and Maple's a spy. I'm her boss. You're in SSHQ which is our head quarters. I found you lying in the woods and brought you here. I have no idea where this D.J. is." I thought about this. "Where's Maple?" I ask. "In another world. Would you like to go there?" "I'd like to meet whoever owns it, so we can talk..." "Ok, just stay here and get some rest," Lexi said. I nodded and she left the room. Then I dosed off to sleep.
  5. ***Maple*** We walked around in the forest looking for dragons. Henry knows a lot of mythical creatures, but his favorites were dragons.
  6. We walked into a clearing filled with sunlight and a waterfall. At the base of the waterfall there was a small lake filled with fresh sparkling water. Henry pulls me towards him. I look up into his blue eyes. He starts leaning forward again and so do I. Our eyes flutter closed as our lips made contact. He kissed me, and under his trance I kissed back. I wanted to stay like this forever.
  7. ***Liam*** I was already awake when Lexi entered the room with another girl her age. She was cute with her light brown hair. "Liam this is Carly," Lexi said as she introduced us.
  8. ***Maple*** Before Carly left she gave Henry a dragon whistle. Now he could call for dragons anytime.
  9. We go back to the human world and walk in the park. I feel magical things in my presence. Something from a different world. I find that the source is coming from a group of three people. I go towards them, Henry a few steps behind me.
  10. ***Carly*** I could feel my cheeks turn red as Liam stared at me. It was love at first sight. Lexi left us to talk. (sorry weirdhead,) Then unexpectedly, Liam leaned forward and kissed me. Surprised, I couldn't get my body to move. Then I snapped. I looped my arms over his neck and kissed back passionately. I never wanted to pull away.
  11. ***Henry*** I see Maple walking torwards a group of a girl and two guys. "Hello I'm lo-" I heard her say. My back was turned, because I didn't want her to think I was spying. Then I heard a whistle followed by a shriek. I whipped around and the group was gone, and there was Maple lying injured on the floor.
  12. "NO!!!!" I yelled as I ran over to her. I bent down and cradled her in my arms. "My love," I whispered.
  13. "I know someone who can help," D.J. says as he steps out of the bushes. "Who was that?" my voice wavering from fear that my love wouldn't make it. "My father, aunt, and their 'friend'." he replied.
  14. The dragons arrive and we leave her in front of a cabin in the woods. Then we leave. "Why did we leave her there?" I ask. "Don't worry, my brothers will take care of her." he said his face grim. They'd better. That was my girlfriend and only love.
  15. ***Liam*** "Carly, I know we just met, but..." "Yes, Liam?" "Will you be my girlfriend?" "Of course," she replies just before I pull her into another kiss.
  16. I'm going to make an announcement, so go take that after this ok?

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