Rise of the Guardian: Part 4

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Hey everyone! So.... I'm just gonna warn you all, this series ( sequel thing) is going to be a lil shorter than the other (sorry) but yknow.... The third sequel thingy will be greeeeaaattt!

Shout-outs: Shout-out to HoundLover, for letting me use Maple ( from her series, read it.!) in my story! Tysm! Shout-out to Weirdhead for letting me use Abigail Finch ( from her AMAZING) series, and last but certainly not least, tysm to Ericat, for just being sooooo great! ( read her series too *glares at readers*)

Created by: ghettobabe4ever
  1. ***???***Heart slamming against my ribs, I gave a tired huff as I squirmed my way up a concrete patio that led it's way up to a lovely log cabin, the nicest looking place in.... Wait. Why am I obsessing like this? I'm injured and here I am rambling in my mind about a cabin. " Jeez, Maple." I scolded myself, sliding a strand of my silky turquoise bangs away from my eyes.
  2. ***Still Maple***Struggling to tug my way to the front door, I frantically raised my arm, my fist banging loudly on the screen door. A couple of seconds later, a tall blonde guy, with exotic blue eyes, gingerly opened the door, his eyes widening as he spotted me, lying there with an injured side. " Oh... Uhm.... Angelica!" he stammered, poking his head back into the cabin, shouting for some girl. Whatever, I got this, I thought to myself, a determined look dominating my face, though you couldn't tell because of my bangs covering my eyes.
  3. ***Angelica***"Angelica!" I heard Grayson holler at me, a waver of fear passing through his voice. Groggily shooting up, I leaned over Zach's face, giving his cheek a small peck. " Zach, wake up." " Whaaaa? No, mom, just... Five more minutes." he groaned, his arm tossing over his face as he flipped over on his side. " Wake up now, Zach! Grayson needs me and..." " Huh!? I'm up, I'm up!" he grumbled, sitting up with a frown. We quickly hopped out of the covers, Zach insisting he carry me into the living room, his smile smug as Grayson spotted us.
  4. ***Maple***I laid there impatiently, the blonde guys eyes wandering over to a tall muscular guy, his raven black hair tossled sloppily who was carrying a ditzy looking blonde girl, with undeniable beauty. Sick. " Angelica, help me help her in." the first guy said, pointing over to me. I gave a sarcastic grin, waving my fingertips loosely as she stared wide-eyed. " Take a picture, it'll last you longer." I snarled, her eyes slightly narrowing as she gave a shrug.
  5. ***Angelica***" Angelica, help me help her in." Grayson insisted, pointing over to a thinnish girl with silky turquoise hair, pulled into a side ponytail, bangs covering her eyes. " Take a picture, it'll last you longer." she snarled, taking me by surprise. " Don't get mad, Angel." Zach whispered into my ear, his warm breath sending a wave of excitement over me as I gave a nod. Gently putting me down, Zach and I approached the girl, taking a hold of each of her arms, draping them around our shoulders.
  6. " So... Uhm, what's your name?" I asked her, me and Zach gently laying her down on the small sofa sitting in the corner of the room, her lips tugging into a snarky grin as she brushed her bangs aside, revealing bright violet eyes. " Maple, but that really isn't any of your business." she said, a sharp stubborn tone in her voice. " Well, then, Maple.... What exactly happened to you?" I asked, Zach taking me into his embrace, trying his best to keep me calm. " Yeah... I sorta passed these two guys and this girl. Let's just say this. Don't get on their bad side."
  7. " Really? They did THIS to you?" " No, I did most of it on my own. Of course they did, you ditz." she snapped, my eyes stinging as tears rolled down my cheeks. No. She. Didn't. Fire rose up my chest as I gave a furious glare, my eyes narrowing at her smirking face. " Don't talk to her that way." Zach hissed, nuzzling my neck with the tip of his nose, only making me madder. " Listen here, Maple. I don't know who you think you are, coming here like a freaking princess, but you need to get a life. Nobody deserves to have to listen to your smart mouth, so if you can't keep it zipped, I'll personally toss you out. Do I make myself clear!?" I snarled viciously, my hands balling into fists as she tossed her head back, laughing hysterically.
  8. " Angelica, what's going on!?" Daemon asked, he and Blaze running into the room with confused looks on their faces, their eyes darting from me to Maple, and back to me. " Nothing. Just go sit down somewhere." I growled, still a bit worked up. " Ditz, don't treat your boys like that." Maple laughed tauntingly, making my little bit of kindness left, snap. " That's it! Out! Out, out, out!" I roared furiously, her smug grin slipping off as she shrugged her shoulders loosely. " Angelica.... Babe, cmere." Zach whisperer to me, draping his arms around my neck as I continued to glare at Maple.
  9. ***Daemon***Honestly, I'd never seen Angelica so furious, but I must say, she was really hot when she was mad. Jeez.... The way her eyes narrowed... Wait. What am I doing? She's not single any more. I shouldn't think these things. I watched as Zach draped his arms around her neck, her glare softening a bit, but she still looked mad. The girl on the sofa continued to lay there, a smile on her face that seemed to infuriate Angelica. " Look, why don't we just all keep calm?" Blaze asked, softly stroking Angelicas arm, Zach glaring angrily.
  10. ***Angelica***" Get your hands off my girlfriend." Zach cooly demanded, wrapping his arm around my lower waist as Blaze gave a defiant look. " Why fight over the ditz?" Maple questioned, smiling as she watched the guys fight over me furiously. " Quit calling her that. She's way smarter than you think, not to mention a total angel, most of the time, so back off." Daemon growled, Maple giving a small shrug. " Fine. I just wanna know why she's so special." " She's..." Grayson started, my sharp sigh cutting him off. " I'm Blazes Guardian Angel." I sighed softly, pointing over to Blaze.
  11. ***Maple***Adjusting my turquoise shirt with a small frown, I blinked repeatedly as I looked at Angelica, and then at the guys surrounding her. Two more walked in, and I swear, I just wondered how she could put up with these idiots. " You're a Guardian Angel." " Yes." she whispered under her breath, though I could still hear the faint trace of her words.
  12. ***Angelica***After an hour of explaining, I groggily followed Zach back to his room, pouncing into the bed beside him with a small smile. " I love you, you know that?" he asked. " Of course I know that, silly. I love you too." I murmured, letting the words buzz softly across my lips as I rested my face against his chest, drifting asleep.
  13. ***Lucifer***Unable to control my emotions, I tightened my grip around her neck, her eyes wide in terror as I began to squeeze tighter, the life draining from her face as she began to cry. " Shut up! You killed my sister, our sister! You..." I trailed off, squeezing even tighter, her chest pumping up and down as she gasped for breaths, but I wasn't stopping. Little by little, I finally got my grip tight enough, her eyes wide open, no breaths coming from her mouth. She was gone. My twin.... Was gone.
  14. " You got your revenge, are you happy?" Derrek asked, his eyes flicking over to Rebeccas lifeless body. I could sense his fear, that I'd do the same to him, but I couldn't. I needed somebody to help me, and he's all I have left.
  15. ***???***My heart began to pound rapidly as I picked up speed, a figure lurking about behind me, their... It's, footsteps crunching through the autumn leaves as... It, followed after me. My blonde wavy hair, tangled from branches pulling at it, seemed to sway continuosly as I ran faster, my brown eyes darting everywhere possible. Why me? Why now?
  16. I missed him, so much, it was undeniable. I missed them all. Why'd I have to walk off on my own? Why'd I have to get lost? My heart leapt as the minty smell of pennyroyal tickled my nostrils, wisps of my hair tickling the nape of my neck tenderly. My eyes popped open as I traveled downhill, spotting a large cabin. It's worth a shot, I shrugged, approaching it with a smile.
  17. ***Castiel***Her face seemed so different when I saw her in the living room, a sharp anger consuming her once beautiful personality, scaring me so much, yet attracting me at the same time. I knew she had a boyfriend, but we all knew it won't last long. Mortal relationships never do.
  18. ***Abigail***My fist carefully banging against the screen door, a tall blonde guy opened the door, a small smile illuminating his face as he gave a curious look. " Sorry to bother, but.... I'm being chased. Do you mind if I..." " No, not at all, come in." he gestured, letting me into the cabin with a tight smile.
  19. ***CLIFFHANGER***

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