The Guardian: Part 11

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Hi guys! ***SMALL ANNOUNCEMENT***I'll be finishing this series soon...... Like, there will only be nine or ten more parts of this one. BUT... But I'll be doing... A sequel!

^ yup, you read right! This thing can't be over YET! So, I'd like everyone's help on thinking of a good title for it. ( please keep the names on topic) Also, shout-outs to: Ericat, WeirdHead, and HoundLover... My biggest supporters. Thanks!

Created by: ghettobabe4ever
  1. After an hour of tossling my hair about, trying to give it the perfect curl, I slipped on a small knee length white lacy dress, putting on a pair of strappy black heels to match it, then I sashayed over to the mirror in my room, giving a pleased smile. " You look great!" Maddie squealed as she, Amanda and Christie walked into the room, pulling me into a tight hug. " Thanks for letting me borrow the dress Christie." I smiled, giving her an extra hug. Yep. Louis and I were finally able to go on that date, and it was going to be fantastic.
  2. " You better have tons of fun!" Amanda insisted, helping me latch the chain of a necklace around my neck, a happy smile on her face. "But not too much fun!" Maddie giggled, Christie and Amanda giving small laughs. " You all are too nice. I mean, you all didn't have to spend all night helping me get ready. Thanks, though." I smiled, giving them one last hug before walking into the living room, Daemon and Grayson chatting about something.
  3. " Angelica, you look..." "Gorgeous? Hot? On point?" Amanda interrupted Grayson, making him blush furiously as he gave a nervous laugh. " Amanda!" Christie shrieked, running in with a laugh, Maddie right behind her. " What!? I'm just saying! Besides, it's fun to tease him. He's so uptight." Amanda defended herself, before going around and doing a crazy dance across the room, Maddie joining in. " Are they always this....?" Daemon asked, in search of a polite word. " Energetic? Yeah. This is nothing." I said with a laugh, taking a seat inbetween him and Grayson as I waited for Louis.
  4. " What in the world is going on in here!?" Zach asked as he and Louis entered the room, shocked looks on their faces as Maddie, Amanda and Christie just gave giggles. " I have no idea." Grayson said with a shrug. " Angelica, you look nice." Louis said with a nervous smile, Zach and the others staring at him wide-eyed. " Nice!? Dude! You're supposed to say something cool! Not ' you look nice.' jeez! You can tell your sister she looks nice, you can tell your best friend they look nice, but you don't tell your date they look nice!" Zach scolded him, throwing a hand to his face in embarrassment. " Oh? Then what do I say, Mr romance?" Louis asked, chuckling at something Zach whispered into his ear.
  5. With a blush, Louis shook his head and raised his hands. " Dude, Zach. I am not saying that." " Oh come on! Loosen up! You'll become an uptight old man in your early twenties if you don't have a little fun! Look at all those creases in your forehead.... Signs of early aging." Zach insisted, taking a hold of Louis's head and studying it. "Zach! Stay out of his business! If he wants to get old early, let him." Christie said, giving him a smile as he kissed her nose. " Fine, fine." Louis mumbled, trudging over to me with a frown. " Angelica, are you a box of Lucky Charms? Because you're magically delicious." he grumbled, the room filling with laughter, his face reddening. " Oh be quiet you all." I huffed, standing up and taking a hold of his hand, giving his cheek a small kiss before we went outside.
  6. " Angelica, thanks for standing up for me back there." he smiled as we crossed the street, in search of a nice place to eat. " Hey, it's no problem." " Did you... Did you only kiss my cheek to make them jealous?" he finally asked. " Louis, of course not. I did it because I wanted to." I sighed, examining the scenery we were passing, a small dimly lit park filled with flowers the color of syrup. " Really?" " Yeah." I smiled as he turned me around to face him, taking both of my hands in his, his majestic eyes looking up into mine.
  7. " Angelica?" he whispered, leaning his head closer to mine, until our lips were only mere inches apart. " Yes, Louis?" I sighed softly, smiling as his lips were pressed against mine, his hands gently wrapping around my waist as he held me tightly, so much love in his kisses.
  8. Finally pulling apart, I realized I'd accidently smeared lipstick on his lower lip. With a small laugh, I used the corner of my index finger to wipe it off. " What are you..." "Accidently smeared some lipstick on you." I explained. With a laugh, he leaned over, kissing my nose before we began to walk some more.
  9. ***??????***I carefully pulled out a small sheet of paper, sticking it in her room on her desk. Slinking back through the hall, I passed a group of teens and Blaze, everyone preoccupied by something else, giving me the perfect opportunity to sneak back out through the window I'd came in through. Yeah.... Once she read that note, she'd be my girl.
  10. ***Angelica***"Angelica, I had a lot of fun tonight." Louis smiled as we went back to Jax's, still savouring our Caramel Latte's we had ordered. " I had fun too, Louis." I smiled, locking my arm in his as I laid my head on his shoulder with a sigh. "Would you.... Maybe like to do it again sometime? Soon?" he asked. " Sure, Louis. Sounds like fun." I grinned, taking his face in my hand and giving his cheek a small kiss. " Ha. Is that all I get?" he whined, wide-eyed as I leaned over to the left, giving him a small kiss. " Better?" " Definitely." he grinned, leading me up to the porch.
  11. Walking into the living room, I was practically attacked by everyone, speaking over each other as they asked questions about the date, asking how it went and stuff like that. " Angelica! Please tell me you kissed him! Like, a big romantic kiss!?" Amanda squealed, taking me by the arm and leading me to my room. " Amanda!" I shrieked at her, frowning as she gave a giggle. " Sorry! I'm just so excited, though I wish you'd go out with Jax." she sighed softly, crinkling her nose as I frowned. " Yes, we kissed. Happy?" " Was it long? Short? Passionate? Sweet? Awful? What!? Tell me girl, tell me!" she squealed, Christie and Maddie running in with smiles.
  12. " It had to be great, right!? He looked like he'd just kissed an angel! Oh... Yeah he did. " Christie laughed, walking over to my desk, her blonde hair bobbing as she stopped talking, examining a sheet of paper. " It was fine. Nice." I assured them, walking over to Christie, who was frowning slightly. " What is that?" I asked. " I don't know, but you might want to read it." she said, slipping the paper into my hands, the other girls quickly crowding around me.
  13. " What does it say!?" Maddie asked, trying to look over my shoulder, my silky hair blocking her view. " Hold on." I sighed, reading it multiple times, each word written hitting me like a bullet. " What's going on in here?" Zach asked, knocking on the door before coming inside, wrapping his arms around Christie, who was now in tears. " Just... Just give me a second." I insisted, tears rolling down my face as I tried to keep calm, Amanda and Maddie giving me small hugs and reassuring words.
  14. " What's wrong you two?" he asked again, Christie faintly pointing to the note in my hand. " What's that?" he asked, snatching it away from me, reading it with a frown. " Can someone please tell me what it says!? " Maddie whined, Zach giving her a glare before giving me the note back. " That's... That's no good. You have to tell the others. Especially Blaze." he sighed, rewrapping his arms around Christie. " Jeez! What does it say!?" Amanda and Maddie yelled together, causing the others to run in.
  15. "Dear Angelica," I started, taking a seat on my bed. " it has come to my attention that you are the appointed Guardian Angel over Blaze. As such, this makes you my enemy. I'm on my way soon, coming to destroy him once and for all, and then, you will be free. Free to be mine, that is. Till we meet again - Derrek." I finished.
  16. " Derrek!? He... He wants me dead? He wants you.... That... This... " Blaze stammered, just as scared as I was, tears rolling down my face faster than before. " I.. I won't let him. As your Guardian and friend..... It won't happen." I sniffed, walking over to him and falling into his embrace, our arms tightly wrapped around each other. " I won't let him get a hold of either of you." Castiel put in, giving me a small smile as I gave him a hug too. " How did he even get in here? The doors were all locked." Jax asked, frowning as he contemplated it.
  17. " Look, that really doesn't matter right now. We need to just focus on protecting Angelica and Blaze for now." Grayson sighed, him and Daemon looking at each other before looking at me. " I'll... I'll be fine on my own. We just need to focus on protecting Blaze." I insisted, giving them all small hugs, before making them leave.
  18. ***Derrek***I thought about it for a while, wondering when the best time to go back would be, when it occurred to me.... Now would be perfect! With a small c---le, I threw on my jacket, stepping out of my Lamborghini and decided to walk the rest of the way there, so they wouldn't even hear me coming. " Angelica, my love, here I come. "
  19. ***CLIFFHANGER***

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