Story of my Life - Part 4

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Hey guys, this is part four of my Story of my Life series. I hope you like it! So excited! Make sure to leave a comment and check out my other quizzes! P.S. I'm gonna start part five today, so happy! I'm probably gonna finish it today also!

Shoutouts: Thanks to Weirdhead for taking my quizzes and commenting, using Maple in her adventure series Jungle Explorers (I'm gonna miss her when she's gone!), and letting me use Carly, and big thanks to ghettobabe4ever for inspiring me, and adding Maple to her awesome series Rise of the Guardian.

Created by: Houndlover
  1. ***Maple*** "Yes Henry. Midnight's a..." I started, then the girl reached us and lunged at Henry. (xD I can imagine your faces Weirdhead and ghetto!!!)"NO!" I yelled.
  2. Suddenly, claws snatched her arms and lifted her up off the ground. "Rrrrraaaggghhhh" Midnight roared. "Now as I was saying," I glared at the assassin. "Midnight's a dragon!"
  3. ***Midnight*** I heard the whistle and came as soon as I could for my mistress. Then I helped save the day! Many people say that dragons are bad, or evil, but really, we only get like that when we're guarding something that is dear to us. Maple is the best treasure that I have. I would guard her till I enter my death bed. (author: this is my first question of the day, so my brain's fresh...)
  4. ***Henry*** Midnight stood so tall and proud in front of me. She was about as tall as a two story house with wings as long as two school busses. She was a deep blue on her back with a black underbelly, and white scales here and there that looked like stars. Midnight really was the perfect name for her!
  5. She was so majestic! Wait, aren't dragons fantasy? And how did Maple get one? "Umm, Maple," "How did I get a dragon?" "Yah if you don't mind me asking that is..." "Well, I happen to have very resourceful friends..." "So did Lexi or Kate have the dragon?" "No," If they didn't have her, the where did she come from? I wondered.
  6. ***Maple*** "I have a friend who is the guardian to the mythical world. I am the guardian of the earth world. We can communicate telepathically. When I need a mythical creature, like my Midnight, I telepath, and the whistle and she comes." I blow on my whistle again.
  7. ***Liam*** (So i got to question 13 and realized I didn't carry on from here, so whoop-sys!!! and i left it at a cliffhanger, more oops) I slowly opened my eyes and looked around. I was in chains, and in a room that looked like a prison. My head throbbed. D.J. was sitting in front of me. "Good morning sleeping beauty," I growled. "What do you want with me?" I demanded. "You'll be bait and do as I say," "Never!" I yelled. "Fine, then you will be a witness to Maple's death," he answered. "No! Don't hurt her! I'll do whatever you want, just- just don't harm her!" "Very well," he said and grinned evilly. Then I realized something. He was never going to kill her, he wanted to marry her! Now I will risk my own life to ensure her safety, I thought.
  8. ***Henry*** Two more dragons appear in front of us. "Henry, meet Emerald," she gestured to a deep green dragon. "And Scarlet." She gestured to a deep red one with a dark pink scale here or there. "You'll ride Scarlet." YES! I think. I quickly hop on Scarlet. Midnight passes the assassin to Emerald.
  9. We take off into the air. I steal a glance at Maple. She's standing on the back of Midnight with her arms out, clearly loving it. She catches me staring and whispers something to Midnight. She soars over to me and Scarlet so their wings touched.
  10. She beckons me over. I stand on my dragon and start walking across the wings. She gives me an evil grin and Midnight pulls away as I'm stepping across. I start falling and pouting.
  11. ***Maple*** I start laughing my head off and sit down. Midnight dives down and once we're under him spreads her wings out as far as they wold go. Henry lands right behind me. "Maple," he says. My heart starts pounding. "Will umm," I turn around so I'm facing him. "Yes," I say barley breathing. "Will you be my girlfriend?" "Of course," I barley manage to say before he leans forward and kisses me. I kiss back in a trance from his deep blue eyes. We pull apart. "I love you Maple." He whispers. "I love you too," I whisper back.
  12. We get to the gate of the mythical world. We soar right through it. Then we all land. Emerald keeps a strong hold on the assassin.
  13. ***Henry*** Me and Maple dismount. A young women, probably Maple's age, walks toward us. "Henry, meet Carly, the guardian of the mythical world. Carly this is Henry, my boyfriend." "It's a pleasure to meet you Henry, I've never seen Maple so happy before. I know that you will treat her well." I nod.
  14. ***Maple*** I notice that Carly has a troubled look on her face. "Whats wrong?" I ask. "Oh, just a pegasus is missing..." She trailed off and I see it's more than just a pegasus gone. "Was it..." "Yes, it was Glider, the king of all the pegasus that's missing,"
  15. ***Cliffhanger***

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