Midnight Love (Part 17)

Hey guys what's going in well you are gonna finish Midnight Love Im sure some are happy, sad, scarred and nervous for what follows upon the story well you should be bye fans.

Hey guys what's going in well you are gonna finish Midnight Love Im sure some are happy, sad, scarred and nervous for what follows upon the story well you should be bye fans. Forever

Created by: Beautiful Games
  1. Your POV: I open my eyes and see that I'm dressed in all white with clouds all under my feet. The room was dark but, I couldn't see anyone just clouds and unless darkness. "Hello?" I yelled. "Hello Than." Then a figure of a man walked over to me and he was God. "God?" I said, "How can it be you?" "Well your near heaven but your not there." He said peacefully. "Am I going there or hell?" I said "You silly little girl your going to nether." He said smiling "Purgatory?" I said "No not there either your going back to earth." He said "What?" I couldn't believe it, "I am why?" "Because it's not your time yet to leave earth Than you still have a lode of things coming your way young lady." He said "Am I still going to be you now..." I said not wanting to say what I thought. "Yes you'll still be immortal." He said "Thank You God." I said smiling "Anytime Than I'm always watching out for you and your friends." He said "Will I remember this, us talking when I go back to Earth." I said "Yes you will now… go Than your journey is not over yet." He said Everything turned black and I felt lifeless like I wasn't connected to the earth until I could hear Chris crying. I opened my eyes and looked right at him. "Chris..." I said very weakly.
  2. Chris's POV: "We're almost there." Piyali said. "There it is." She said pointing at the house ahead of us. When I saw the house I ran toward the so fast and open the door saying, "Than." "God save my poor soul." She said right as she stabbed herself. "Nooo." I yelled Her body then fell to the ground and I could fell her heart stop beating as she died in my arms. "Than!" I said starting to cry "Where too late." Trina said falling on her knees and Josiah was right behind her hugging her when I turned to see everyone coming in. "She really gone isn't she?" Ethan said "Yeah she is." Trinana said I held her in my arms and toke the knife out of her body and hugged her against me saying, "I have never loved anyone as much as you and I don't think I every will." I whispered in her ear and kissed her lips. I looked at everyone and saw each of them sobbing. "Chris?" I heard Than say weak. "Your Alive." I said and kissed her "How is that possible?" Tariq said "Because there had to be something that the spirits valued with Than." Piyali said "How do you feel?" I asked her "Just a little light headed." Than said "You sure?" I said "Yeah I just think I might pass out." She said and with that she did. "Come on guys lets get her to the car." I said and go home. "Alright you heard the man lets go." Josiah said. We got in our black jeep and started driving off in the snow. "What is that?" Sitara said "What?" Tariq said Then white light started shinning at us and then everything went dark.
  3. Your POV: I wake up to a dark room with a torch outside the cellar. "Damn it, psh is anyone there?" I said "Oh your going to have to try harder then that." Willa then appeared in my sight and I could see her face. "What the hell are you doing here?" I said "Well I just stayed to introduce you to be back in my cellar again." She said smiling "Well then where are the others?" I asked "Savely away from you." Her smile was different more evil looking. "Well what are you still doing here then, go!" I yelled at her. "There's just 1 more thing I have to tell you." Willa said with a sluggish smile. "What?" I said looking at her calmly. "Your Preganent." She said "What how?" I said "Well you see I found a witch that put a curse on you to bare a child but when she used a crystal before even trying to curse you she said you were already Preganent." She said. "What?" I said. "I can't believe this." "Well do you should have your child in 3 days," She said "Bye for now." "I guess I should start thinking of names." I thought
  4. 3 Days Later πŸ’€
  5. Willa's POV: I have the child in my hands now everything is perfect. "Holler." I said shaking the little baby girl lightly. "Yeah what is it now Willa?" He said. "Is the simulation body holder ready?" I asked "Yes it is the whole thing is about 7 feet long so she'll be fine as she grows over time." He said "Alright lets go little 1." He said taking the child out if my hand and putting her in the body simulation holder. It was see threw with a black soft blanket under her she looked so peaceful I hope Cole wants kids someday.
  6. 3 months later
  7. Tanya's POV: "Okay I got it now Alice." I said "You sure you don't want to go over the plan 1 last time?" Alice said "Yes I'm sure calm down act like a 16 year old for once." I said "Alright guys lets go and do this." Charlie said "Okay let's go then." I said We then appeared into a room with bricks all around us and we looked like ninjas. "She over her." Alice said "Come on let's grab her then." I said "Alright lets go." Charlie said. Then we vanished into the darkness and waited for the girl to wake up. "Who are you people?" She said I looked straight in her eyes and said, "Your name is Trinity you don't remember anything about your child your going to live in a apartment soon that you'll bribe someone to get and you have powers that's all you'll need to know." I said as her pupil dilates. "My name is Trinity I don't remember anything about my child and I'm going to live in a apartment soon that I will bribe the someone to get and I have powers that's all you'll need to know." I said "You sure this is going to work?" Alice said "Yes will be fine." I said "Now go Trinity." I said and then she left from the street into the unknown. "Are we going to be watching over her?" Charlie asked "Yeah we shall in a few months or if things get bad with her.
  8. πŸ’€The End πŸ’€
  9. Hey ML Fans well the series is over I know it's sad right 😏 well I was gonna have another story on here but Gotoquiz ad to be a b*tch and say your story is too violation well f u then. But on wattpad I made a account called BeautifulGames1 so look it up for the sequel of Midnight Love called Morbid Love there's only 4 parts so far it's a work in progress so this is goodbye with anymore stories on gotoquiz but I'll still come on sometimes not much so bye fans. And Morbid Love will be worked on now.
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