Announcement! :D

Ok, some of you know that I made the midnight walker...? Well I decided not to continue it... I'm making a new series. You must read it to find out what the story is about. Its kind of like a ghost story. Some of you might have notice That I deleted the midnight walker, that's because I didn't really want to keep them... Well, hope you like it... And the first part is going to be so long... 

Ok... I'm going to tell you that the series is called "misguided". Here's a sneak peek. >_^       As my family, my father and my brother came through the door of our new house, I looked around the room. There were two spiral staircases. My brother and I strolled towards one spiral staircase. As I made it to the first step, I felt a breeze of air brushing against my skin. [i]Huh? There isn't a window or an air vent near by?[/i]

Created by: Lucyheartfillia
  1. Ok, shout out time! :D
  2. GTQ FAMILY: you're just.... AWESOME to be around! :D
  3. Viewers that have taken "Midnight Walker": thank you for taking the story, I am sorry for not keeping them up... 
  4. ICY: you're funny, nice and cool! 
  5. PurpleRaven(aka Erik): I love you. :D you're my sweetie! ^_^
  6. I Forgot My Name(aka Tori): ya killing me gurl! xD you're the funniest person I have ever met! :D
  7. Viktor: You're funny and Awesome! :D *brofist* 
  8. TWINY!(aka Sweet): you're just plain out.... Cool! :D 
  9. Smartgirl: ima gonna [bomb] yo [heart]! >:3
  10. Jade: You're AWESOME and nice! :D

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