Midnight Love (Part 1)

Hey Gotoquiz users my name is Beautiful Games and this is my first series so please comment if you can so I can start making the second part or not it's up to you guys for letting me know..

This Story is called Midnight Love your name is Than Grimm which her last name isn't important yet. But you have long straight black hair, grey eyes, pale and your an only child. So Enjoy :)

Created by: Beautiful Games
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  1. Beep Beep... Beep. "Shut up you stupid alarm I know I have to walk", you yell at your alarm. It's 10 to midnight so I have some time to get dress and maybe have some cereal before I leave the house and go walking you think.
  2. I went in the bathroom and brushed my teeth did my hair and wore all black since thats your characters favorite color.
  3. You go down stairs and eat cereal then look for your ipod. Then leave the house and its midnight so you deside to stay in your normal form. A bright light comes over your body and your a......... vampire. You have long wavy black hair with sea blue eyes and pale skin of course.
  4. Your happy to be like this and start walking down the street like a human. You turn on your ipod too?
  5. Whatever song choice when you start walking all of a sudden you fall on the ground because you ran into someone.
  6. "Ouch."I said. "I am so sorry didn't mean to run into you." said this stranger. They help you up and see a guy about your age with black hair emo style, pale with blue eyes that have a hint of grey in them. You could just stare at his eyes for hours he was dressed in all black as well.
  7. "I'm Chris and again sorry for running into you." said Chris. "It's fine and I'm Than nice to meet you Chris." I said. "What a beautiful name does it mean anything?" Chris said. "Um yeah it means Death." I said. "Oh what a nice subject to talk about I feel like it's so far away I don't need to worry about it yet." Chris said.
  8. "Me too." I said. "Hey Chris where are you?" A male voice said. "Who is that? I said. "Ethan, I am over." Chris said. "Why did you answer I wanted to see if he would make a fool of himself Chris." I said. "LOL Than". Chris said.
  9. "Chris why didn't you oh who is this Beautiful Creature?" Ethan said. (If your a fan of the caster series please comment about it.) Ethan has brown hair and sky blue eyes wearing a plain black shirt with jeans and black converse.
  10. "I'm Than. You must be the famous Ethan I have been hearing SO much about." I said. "Oh really well did Chris tell you what a awesome personality I have as well?" Ethan said. Chris rolled his eyes after Ethan finished speaking. Anyways Than Ethan and I are going to a friends house wanna join us at this time of the day? Chris said
  11. Cliffhanger?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!? Sorry had too.
  12. Well before I can I need feedback
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  15. May the odds be ever in your favor...

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