Midnight love part 2

Hi thanks for taking part two if you've not taken part 1 please do there is a few new characters Toni Melowdy and Rosie along with a new boy C.P (not in results sorry )

Hi errm here are the boys C.J black hair covering one eye always waring sunglasses . Jack Bald brown eyes just got out of jail . Sam ginger hair and black eyes .gorge blue eyes blond hair though when you met you almost could say hid hair was brown . C.P blond hair and blue eyes real heart stopped

Created by: Purrsephone
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  1. You woke up somewhere different . You had been lying on grass and you woke up in paradise the grass was an amazing green the waterfall was as blue as the cloudless sky above your head . birds tweeted while flying over your head, wild horses, they galloped under the cliff you were on . It was the purrfect land all your wishes put into one . But all good things must come to an end and you found yourself standing up in the middle of your bedroom . Gabrielle sleped over that night . Gabrielle , the girl who scared C.J away was fairly tall and had a cracking fashion sence . Here skin was aisan and her hair was the natural black with curls at the bottom" _____ hello ____ you there dall " she exclaimed " Yes I'm here Gabrielle and I want awnsers NOW" you screeched "Fine I'll tell you the story of C.J. Past"
  2. " C.J " she started "Killed my best friend " she said chocking back the tears " My friend Poppy fell in love with him and died with him sort of .... ""What do you mean Sort of Died" you replyed " She was a a look you'll find out soon just listen" she growled " Poppy was my BFF we were inseparable she was quite pretty she had very pale skin and pink hair striped in black it was the day before she died C.J was her boyfriend and she said 'C.J I don't need you or your diamonds or your money I think it's time we broke up' , with that C.J grew mad and the next day Poppy had died No markes No bruising just a body with the heart stopped " Gabrielle said carmly " where did she live " you asked Gabrielle gulped " The old Carlton castle" She replyed "But that knocked down over twele years ago your only 17 a year above me surley a 5 year old wasn't dating " " ____you already know to much I'm not going to reply to any more questions just get to school"
  3. Amazingly you did what you were told and got ready and walked to school meeting your bests Abby and Ava twins they were. " ____" the said running to see if you were ok. Luckily for you you were " We heard you going out with C.J is it true ? " they asked in unison " no it's not besides why is it such a big deal?" you asked " Any girl he's ever dated has errm.....Payed a consequence " they replyed then the bell reng you were sure they were hiding something was the roumor true?
  4. " Well what a supprise I should find you here " you recognise the accent the sweet dreamy accent obviously it was C.J he sat next to you on tuesdays science class . Like when you met him all the girls were looking at him. "I've heard that sweet little Gabrielle is spreading roumers about me dall, trust me there not true there fake has she ever told you she has a brain condition ? " C.J said " No I had no idear she had anything wrong with her" you reply " She's a complete nut I tell you thinks I'm a vampire and she's a werewolf Its a completely strange acusation"
  5. After Science you had maths with Sam . " Hay " he said when you sat down "How are you felling today not dizzy or anything are you feel faint " he asked as if it was a joke " No..No I'm fine I feel normal anyway " you quickly asked while getting your pensil out you had a test to sit bat Sam said you could copy of him if you wanted it was quite strange he starred at the teacher then at the other students before writing down an awnser quite preculier.
  6. Next to jack was a girl with red hair short and tiger striped and by her side was two identical twins toe only difference was one had long tiger striped hair and the other had White tiger striped hair. You sat inbertween gorge and Jack .Gorge,Was still in his blond forum you just though that Maby you were dillustional when you saw him for the first time . Jack was having quite a fun time talking to the girls next to him giggle giggle giggle is all the girls did and when the teacher walked in you could tell the one with short ginger tiger striped hair was called Toni the one with long ginger tiger striped hair was Melowdy and the one with White tiger hair was called Rosie . You tapped gorge on the shoulder to double check and ask but you decided not to since his eyes were deadly fixed on C.J at the Frount thinking about C.J make you think of a question what dose C.J stand for ?
  7. "Mrs Toni Anne palin Miss Melowdy And Rosie stripes and Miss_____ _______ please will you come with me to reception we have someone here to talk to you all" an office person said and took you to reception Toni looked at who was at the door to you, it was just a cilloett but to Toni Melowdy and Rosie they took one look and there eyes drifted of like they were in love strange for a bad girl well you were like that until you saw who it was he had gorges blond hair and blue eyes that were so electrifying you spine shivered " we have a new boy joining usntoday and he says he knows you four and asked if you could show him about" you didn't know him but had no objections of to why yo wouldn't " Hey my names C.P as you properly know " he said quite predictivley
  8. C.P and you four were walking round the school and you went to show him the class Room you were in so you knocked on the door and the teacher invited you in " Hi again guys errm this is C.P he will be joining us tomorrow " at the words C.P C.J looked round with an astounding look on his face but never said anything to witch Toni broke the silence and said " Were off now to show him the rest of the school" and with that she walked of in her red and black platform shoes you Melowdy and Rosie trailing behind you . The bell rang it was time to go home .you invited C.P Melowdy Toni and Rosie round to your house .They agreed .
  9. They come in and your sort of hoping Frankie isent in but she is . You tell Toni melody and Rosie and C.P to sit in the living room you go in the kitchen only to find Gabrielle is in there. " Did you talk to C.J?" she asked " yes " you replyed " try and speak as little as possible . She replyed and walked into the living room where you heard a fight break out you ran in to see Toni and Gabrielle riling ot the carpet getting at each other necks . You grabbed Toni while Frankie grabbed Gabrielle she docent seem to like anyone " S.O.S Gabrielle geeze you loose it so easily that was years ago " Toni said " I will never let go of what you did" Gabrielle said. That night Toni C.P Melody and Rosie slept in your room. You had the vision again of where your in paradise it's purrfect but then all five guys turn up C.J reads you a poem" Oh dear____ we are so close you are the one I love the most all the girls they all love me but you ____ you complete me . " C.J said in a romantic tone then Sam said" you can't trust him youll end up dead with an Arrow through your head " you found the word arrow kind of strange why not bullet ? Then gorge said " Sam is right you must flea C.J s company ." a disturbed look covered his face Now it was jacks turn " trust Toni Melody , Rosie and you will discover something to do with your mother" she died when you were born you and Frankie were adopted full sisters . But now it was C.Ps turn " There is one thing you must know and that is is C.J friend or Foe? His initials stand for Cupids Joker he has a power you yet to uncover . Listen it sly how all girls love him In can change that with the drop of a pin since my same stands for Cupids Passion and C.Js love style is way out of fashion " and with that they dissaperied and left you in paradise on your own ALOT to think about
  10. Hiya sorry it's not that good C.P dose not have a result sorry he will in the next one out tomorrow yeah in part one I started a comp here is a bit more info Please include when making the character that you include Gender Name Age any extras or powers ( it will be slightly twisted ) winner gets there character starred in part 5 . Soo sorry about spelling so who's team are you

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